Why Schools Should Not Start So Early

Hello today I’m going to be talking about why schools should start in a later time. I think that school she start at a later time because first you get extra hours of sleep. I interviewed my family and they all said school should start later. It’s going to be easier to get ready in the morning. You also would probably be easier to wake up.

I think that getting more sleep sleep will help you better to pay attention and focus more in class. I also feel like Lee’s kids would be late to school because they wound have more time to be prepared in the morning for school. Evan a half an hour would make a difference.

I think most of the students agree. I also think teachers would agree. I think that teachers should also have more time to get ready for teaching students all day. High school students and middle school students have to wake up at 6 AM or even less. Maybe some students wake up later, but we can still have more time.

Teens and preteens aren’t getting enough hours of sleep. Student can go to sleep at 8 AM. But in my opinion I don’t even think 30% of hale goes to sleep at 8 PM.

Not getting enough sleep and waking up early can change your mood for the day. And can decrease brain power. Which makes it difficult to pay attention in class. Also 73 percent of high school students get less than eight hours of sleep. And 43 percent get a few hours of sleep. i got this information from:  https://education.media/why-school-should-start-later

Also from the website that I added at the top said this about why schools should start later. ” The recommended amount of sleep for middle school and high school students is between eight and a half and nine and a half hours (Richmond). If only 27 percent of students are getting more than eight hours of sleep, something is definitely off.”

I really agree with everyone that thinks that schools should start later. It’s just a waste of energy in the morning. The website said this about it too. ”Our body clocks, more formally known as our circadian rhythm, is a cycle tied to our physiological processes. It tells our body’s when to sleep, rise, and eat. It is affected by the environment.”

Waking up in the morning is very hard, well for me at least. I always want to sleep in. Even 10, 20, or even 30 minutes will be helpful. Middle school students need 9 hours of sleep, we could sleep earlier, but some kids stay after school until 5 and then when the get home they still need to finish homework if they didn’t finish it, and they also need to eat.

I think that in the future it will change, but I just don’t understand why it can’t change now. But I think that even if the schools change their time of getting to school would change, the time students get out will change. I hope you understand why I want the school time for being at school in the morning would change.