The Diamond

My story is about a girl named Bernadette who loved everything that glittered. One day Bernadette went for a walk along the beach. While she was walking she saw something glittering in the sand. She stopped and walked slowly towards it. After digging with her hands, she pulled out of the sand a diamond. She ran home and hid it in a crack in the wall. No one knows about this space. The diamond was beautiful. She covered it with a small cage.

The next day she was at school doing 77 words, she couldn’t stop thinking about the diamond. “Bernadette, stop dreaming” said her teacher, “Sorry Miss B” Bernadette said. At lunch she was reading all about diamonds, when she got home she went to the crack in the wall, the diamond was gone! “The diamond!” she screamed. Her mum and dad ran into the room, “what’s wrong?” they said. “Can you keep a secret?” she asked, “of course” they said. Bernadette explained that she had found a diamond at the beach and now it had disappeared. “What!” they exclaimed at the same time, “you found a diamond at the beach?” “Yes,” “where did you hide it?” her Mum said, “I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.” “Do you know who took the diamond?” Dad said. “I don’t know.”

Bernadette rang the police and spoke to Sargent Ben. She told him every detail she could think of hoping it would help in some way. They spent hours looking but found nothing. Finally they decided that they would search the house before the day was over. It was then that Bernadette remembered the security camera. “Yes that’s it! This should help us,” so she called Sargent Ben. “Let’s go and have a look at the footage on the computer.” She rewound it, “OMG,” she said “this looks interesting, that boy’s face looks familiar, I have seen him before.” Just at that moment her mum called them all for dinner. Bernadette said “we will finish the search tomorrow,” “but remember that boy,” said Sargent Ben, “yes I will.”

The next day they continued the search and found finger prints on the wall they belonged to the boy. Sargent Ben found the boys house they asked his name he said his name was Ace. “Well, um… Ace do you have a diamond?” Bernadette asked. “No” Ace said “but I stole one for this guy named Sam.” “Sam?” Bernadette said, “yes Sam,” “my dad’s name is Sam.” So they spoke to his dad. “Okay you got me,” said his dad “I stole your diamond because diamonds are very valuable and I thought I could just take it.” “What about Ace?” Bernadette said “well he was a little helper of mine. I did not mean to get him into trouble he only did what I told him to do.” Sargent Ben was not happy about that and took Sam to the police station as he had a few things to explain. In the end Bernadette got her diamond back. She has a new place to keep it, a special place, where it is along with her story.