What if I didn’t have a brother

I have a brother and I am very thankful for him. I get in fights with him a lot. Its not like every brother doesn’t get in a fight with his brother. Even though I get in fight with him I still love him. My brother gives me money sometimes when I need extra money to buy something. For instance My brother helped me with 300 dollars on my pc and if I didn’t have him I weren’t able to buy a pc. Sometimes me and my brother play together like video games, soccer, and basketball. If I didn’t have a bother I wouldn’t to play with him. Sometimes its annoying to have a younger brother because He tells on me a lot or I would get in fights with him and I would get in trouble/grounded.

My brother is 10 years old so sometimes he can be really annoying. If he tries I ignore so I wouldn’t piss him off back and we both get in trouble. If I didn’t have a brother I would get home do my homework and be on my phone instead of having a brother like a friend play with me. Having a brother is like having a friend come over everyday. I am happy that my brother is only 2 years younger than me because some kids have a brother that is a baby or a brother that’s older than them by 10 or 15 years. Some kids don’t even have brothers.

What if I didn’t have a brother. I would come home and be bored especially on weekends no their is no homework and just be bored. You couldn’t hang out with your brother in the mall with some friends. Your life would be boring. If you didn’t have a brother you would always have to go to a friends house so you wouldn’t be bored. If you had a brother you could share cloths with him if he was year younger or a year older. You could go with your brother to the movies or bowling and just have fun with him.

People that don’t have sibling have a boring life because when your alone you will always have your brother. When your brother is sad you could help him and tell him what’s wrong. Even if yo had a sister she would mine here won things and do all the girly stuff. You cant play with your a sister because girls and boys don’t have much in common. You have a brother they usually like the same things as you do. Boys like sports more than some girls. If you had a sister you would ask her do want to play basketball some sisters would say I don’t want to ruin my nails or something else.

After all its really good to have your brother around the same age as you. You could do a lot of things with your brother. I am really happy that I have a brother.