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My family

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My name is Ariel Moalem and I’m twelve years old turning thirteen on July 31. My family consists of five people: Limor my mom, Avi my dad, and my two sisters Eden and Raz, and finally me. My family is very interesting, we all are original in are own way. My sister is sometimes the happiest person you will see but than a second pauses and she is sad and mad. For example one time we were talking about what place we should go travel to in summer and she was really happy then I go up stairs to get my phone and I come back and she looks like something really bad happened. So I ask her what happened and she says my friend is going to Las Vegas.

This is where my other sisters weird trait comes in. She walks in the room and sees my sister crying and she starts bursting out laughing. She goes in the other room to hide her emotions but my other sister hears her laughing and she starts laughing and there we are tow am at night with both my sisters on the floor laughing  and crying at the same time. This is the weird stuff about my sisters not let’s move on to my dad, Avi

My dad is really funny. He always makes me laugh and he is really nice. He lets me do whatever I want as longs as it’s safe. One of my dad’s favorite things to do is to go jet skiing. Jet Skiing is kind of like an A.T.V but on water. There is only one lace my dad likes going jet skiing at this certain place and this place is called Laughland. My dad loves going thee but there is something he loves more. My dad loves singing. He loves singing with a passion and he sings in a different language this language is called Hebrew. An additional fact about my dad is that he is a really hard worker.

Let’s move on to my mom, my mom is called Limor. She is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. She has a catering/salad business called Mama’s Flavors. She is the co owner with one of her best friend’s Carmit. She works every day her hardest and in the end it pays off. My mom is really fun she always makes the best jokes and is one of the nicest person you will ever meet. Though she is very strict which may sound bad but she pushes me to try my hardest.

Last but not least me. Like I said im twelve years old and there are many interesting things about me. I love playing sports especially soccer and basketball and I love skating. Im relatively new to skating but I think i’m getting the hang of it. Sports aren’t the only thing I like, I also love listening to music . My favorite artist is Drake and my second favorite is YNW Melly. In conclusion this is my life.

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My family