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My brother and his hamster

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My brother’s girlfriend was sad because her pet hamster that she had for 6 years died. On valentines day my brother decided that he was going to get a hamster for his girlfriend. We were on our way to Pet Co to buy the hamster and we got there and finally saw the hamster that he wanted to get her. It is the smallest type of hamster and the fastest too.

We were about to buy it when they told us that you have to be over 18 years old to buy it so he called our family friend to come help buy it. He decided he needed to get bedding and a cage for the hamster. The hamster was bought and taken into his paradise cage where he has water bottle and a slide and a balcony on the roof of the  cage. The hamster likes to be in his ball where he has no water but is more fun for the hamster.

The hamster always runs into walls because it is so small. It is 5 months old and it is its full size. This hamster is transferred to my brothers house to his girlfriends house every 3-5 days. The hamster tried escaping earlier this week the hamster ran out of the room and around the house which was super hard to find because it is a very big house and a super small hamster.

After one hour of searching for the hamster my brother found it inside of the wheel that his girlfriend’s dad got him and after one more hour the hamster found out how to climb up above the cage and escape very quickly so after another hour of the hamster being in the ball my brother noticed it and put a bowl over the top of the cage so the hamster can not escape and the hamster did that for one entire week until my brother put the bowl on it.

The hamster was running around its cage every once in a while because it needs energy to go to the wheel so it will be able to run fast and so it can become a really fast hamster and goes so fast on the wheel and it can go so fast that it can power a dozen lights which would be enough electricity to fully light a really big house and maybe start a lawnmower or something like that.

The hamster is only four months old and is already at its full size which is fascinating because it is the size of half of a phone. It is the smallest, fastest and, fastest growing hamster known to man and maybe even ever. This hamster is an awesome animal because it is so fast that it can outrun the fastest type of snake in the world which means it can run about thirty miles per hour. Thirty miles per hour is equivalent to one mile every two minutes. One mile is super far and it normally takes a fast human about four minutes to run a mile

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My brother and his hamster