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My Top 5 Favorite Ice-cream Combonations :)

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Ice-cream almost everyone eats this in summer and if not well then you don’t eat it. You are about to be an ice-cream lover. I eat it even when it is cold. (I ate some yesterday 2-15-19) Here are my personal favorites. This article will be about all the ice-cream combos I have tried and also became my favorites. I hope that this article is somehow enjoyable if not well I’ll wright better and if not oh well I’ll look for better content.

#5 Coconut and Pineapple

Coconut and pineapple isn’t my all time favorite,but it’s pretty good. I only like this combo from certain places like yogurt land. When it’s topped with granola or nuts it taste amazing. I like to have something on my delicious desert to chew on. Once you mix them both together I taste like a drink named Piña Colada.

#4 Coffee and Oreo

Coffee and Oreo is pretty good. I don’t get this not all the time because I am not always in the mood for this combo because it isn’t the best it taste pretty weird but it really depends from where I buy this combo. I get this from a store called Cold Stone. I really like it from here because the way that their ice-cream is made. The ice-cream is really soft and fluffy and it is so good and I absolutely love it from there but if I get the combo from another store it won’t taste the same.

#3 Lemon Sorbet and Cheesecake

This is also one of those weird ones because it is really hard to find Lemon sorbet because it isn’t in all the ice-cream parlors. I believe that the first time I have ever had this combo was on a summer vacation to Mexico and I tried this and it instantly became one of my favorite combos but my all time favorite is coming up soon. :))

#2 Bubble Gum and Vanilla

When I was younger about 7 thru about 10 I always loved this combo because I have a sweet tooth and I still do. I get normally would get this whenever I was at the park and after i had finished my soccer game. My mom would always buy me some but this wasn’t the best as all my next one. I only had this whenever I was at the park and if I wasn’t then i never had it until then.

#1 Vanilla and Strawberry!!

This is my all time favorite combo because to me it tastes like a strawberry milkshake. I always get this from those small ice-cream carts. The way this ice-cream is made is kinda weird cause I feel like they buy it and add it to the cart. Whenever I get this combo I always mix it so it makes a like light pink color. Sometimes I get a cone with the cup so that it gives it a more crunchy taste. The cone that I get is vanilla and I really like it.

I love all these combos but my most favorite was the strawberry and vanilla. Go ahead and try some of these and tell me what you think of my combos.

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My Top 5 Favorite Ice-cream Combonations :)