You’re Next

Mother’s perspective

I’m the mother of two daughters, Sophia and Lola, and the wife of a man named Jackson. My oldest daughter, Lola, is 18 and Sophia is 8. Sophia is the cutest, most adorable eight-year-old ever! Lola, on the other hand is stupid and hideous. She is very rude to Sophia, and who ever she runs into.

Lola’s perspective 

My mom is so rude. She blames everything on me. If my sister hits me I get grounded,. If my sister ruins something I get in trouble for it. It is stupid and I hate her and my sister. But lately my mother has been acting pretty suspicious. Whenever she is on the phone and I pass by or walk into the room she is like oh, sorry got to go I will call you back later. I once took her phone to see who she keeps calling but I think she deletes them afterwards because there is no one in her recent calls. I looked at her calendar though and on February twenty-seventh, in five days, it is marked as GBSL. I don’t know what that stands for but I need to find out.

Mother’s perspective 

The best day of my life will be happening soon, to be exact five days. I will be doing something very special and no one knows about it, not even Jackson. I have all my stuff ready for it too.

Two Days After

Lola’s perspective

My mother keeps getting happier as it gets closer to the day marked GBSL. It’s starting to scare me a little even my sister seems happier than usual I think she knows what is going to happen. I’m going to go try and ask her. She is probably stupid enough to tell me if my mom told her not to tell me because I can tell that they are keeping it from me.

“Hey Soph, Soph my fave sis,” I say

”Why are you acting so weird?” She replies

“What do you mean, I’m not acting weird, I just want to know how my favorite sister is doing.”

“Ugh, what do you want?”

”Do you know why mom is so happy? And what  GBSL stands for?”

”Oh, GB stands for goodbye, S stands for stupid, and L stands for—.”

My mom interrupts “Lola! What are you making Sophia do?”

”Ugh, I will go to my room,” I say stomping away.

I almost had it. I could have figured out what GBSL stands for, but no, because my stupid mom has to walk in the room and yell at me because Sophia was telling me what it stood for.

February 27th

Mother’s perspective 

Yay! Today is the day. Goodbye Stupid Lola. I have everything ready, time to do it.

Lola’s perspective

Today is the day my mother has marked as GBSL. I wonder what it stands for. I mean, it is today, so I’m going to go ask her what it stands for because I will find out anyway.

Sophia’s perspective

I hear this loud scream it is probably Lola again happy about the grade she got on a test except this one sounds different. It sounds louder and less like a happy scream.

”Lola! Be quiet you are too loud! You are going to break my ear drums!”

I walk over into mom’s room to see why she is screaming. But instead I scream.

“What happened! Lola! Lola! Lola wake up you are scaring me!” I say as I shake her “I’m sorry I’ve never been nice to you, it’s just you are so perfect I want to be just like you,”

”Better leave or you’re next,” mom says as she raises the knife.