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Trip To Mexico

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I’m going to Mexico in August. I’ve been to Mexico 5 times i think. It’s so much fun. Mostly everyone that goes to Mexico only go to Cancun. Cancun is a really nice to visit. I don’t go to Cancun because it’s really expensive and because my dad has a house in Guadalajara. That’s a place in Mexico. That’s where my dad grew up. My dad has a 3 story house in Mexico. The last time I went my dad didn’t have the house.  But my dad says that right next to his house there’s a huge soccer field with turf.

When I go I’m going to the soccer field with my cousin. My older cousin is 13 but we have the same birthday. It’s kind of funny. But the thing is that he’s older than me just by 1 year. We’re both pretty decent at soccer but I think I’m better. The only reason I say that is because in Mexico the soccer coaches aren’t as skilled as the soccer coaches from USA. There are some professional soccer coaches from Mexico that played. They were so good when they played. My cousins coach wasn’t a professional soccer coach but he’s pretty good.

Well at least that’s what my cousin says. I don’t know if it’s true but who knows. My soccer coach wasn’t professional but almost made it to professional but he had the chance, He was gonna be a professional goalie for USA until something happened. He was in a game. The last game he was gonna play with his team because he was gonna go play for USA. So there was a play where the other team crossed it and it was a 1v1 and the other guy slid at the same time that my coach did. And the other guy hit my coaches knee. His knee was broken.

My coaches career was over. They rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said he’s done. So my coach asked what do you mean by I’m done. The doctor replied, you’re done with soccer. I’m sorry to say you can’t play soccer ever again. My coach was really mad because he was gonna be a professional goalie. His last game was his last ever game. If he would’ve been professional he wouldn’t have been our coach. He would probably still be playing and he would be coaching a professional team right now.

But i’m happy he’s my coach because he’s good at being a coach. He’s really good at coaching our goal keeper. That’s probably why our goal keeper is so good. I had a tournament that lasts 3 weeks if you beat all 6 teams. We scored 19 goals and they only scored 1 on us. Until the quarter finals we lost 4-1. It was kind of a joke because we put our striker as goal keeper and our goal keeper as striker. We put in a lot of players that don’t really get to play. We gave them a lot of playing time. Because we didn’t really care.

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Trip To Mexico