Headphones On Part 4

How am I supposed to answer to that text message? “You will regret it.” Supposedly from Luis but I know that it’s not him. I didn’t know what to answer! The second bad thing was that I had already told somebody, my mom. But I knew that whoever my mom told wouldn’t tell anybody else, right? I mean, how would the Luis impostor know if I told somebody. What if Luis was dead? Okay, I can’t keep thinking like that. That type of thinking isn’t going to help anybody. I grabbed my phone and showed my mother the horrifying text message. She said, “Honey, I know this is scary but we need to tell someone.”

“Mom, I cant! What if they come for me? What if they find out where we live?” I answer.

“Isn’t Luis worth it? Wouldn’t you rather have somebody find the person that is doing this and find Luis instead of doing nothing from the sight of fear?”

I didn’t know what to answer to that. I had never heard her being more wise. She was right though. I have to fight for Luis. Even though it will be scary, believe me you have no idea how scared I am to do this, he’s worth it.

I grabbed my jacket, my phone, my keys, told my mom goodbye, and left. I ran all the way to the police station. I wasn’t sure what to say because what if they didn’t believe me? I mean, I am just a teenager. Would police officers believe me? I mean I have text proof but someone could’ve easily faked it. While I was waiting in line, I got another text message. I didn’t want to look at it but I knew I had to.


I didn’t even open my phone so it didn’t show the person, whoever it is, that I saw the text message. Finally, it was my turn. I went up to the police person behind the desk and said, “Something is going wrong with my friend.”

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” She says.

“I went to my friend’s house and I had gotten very weird text messages. Even threats. That is definitely not what my friend would do.  I’m just freaking out. My friend hasn’t left his house today. I even went to visit but then the person texted me again and I got scared and left,” I had to take a breathe. I was talking so fast that I didn’t know if she understood everything that I had said.

“Okay, sweetie, calm down,” she said.

I started breathing heavier.

“We’re going to look into it,” she continued.

Her voice started fading. My breathing kept getting heavier.

“Just fill out these forms and sit down in the waiting area.”

Heavy. Breathing.


That was the last thing I heard before I collapsed.

I woke up after what I can assume was an hour or more. In the first couple minutes, I had no idea where I was or what was going on. I opened my eyes.

“Sweetie! Are you okay? How are you feeling?” I then noticed that it was the nice police lady talking to me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. What happened?” I asked.

“You blacked out when I told you that you had to go to the waiting room.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

I then heard a new voice, “Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine now.”