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Valentine’s Day

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I am not sure what to write about, but since Valentine’s Day was yesterday, I’ll write about that. Valentine’s Day is a day full of love. Whether it is for your family, your friends, or even that special someone. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is and while some people treasure it because it is a day all about love, others dread that day because they have no one to celebrate it with. But that is not true. Valentine’s Day is not what people might think. It is not a day just for couples. It is a day for everyone, if you are in a relationship or not.

Give chocolate, candy, or flowers to your best friend. Give them to your mom. Give them to your dad. To your brother or sister. Even give them to your pet. It does not matter who you give them to, as long as you love them. This year, my valentines were my friends and I am so lucky to have them as my friends.

I guess I will write about the history of Valentine’s Day. According to, the Catholic Church had three different saints called Valentine or Valentinus.  One of these saints was said to be a priest in the third century of Rome. The emperor at the time believed that single men are better to serve in the army, so he made a law that young men were not allowed to get married. Valentine, the saint in this legend heard about the emperor’s declaration and disagreed with it so he continued to wed people in secret. Once the emperor found out about Valentine’s actions, he was put to death.

As says, people or other stories said that Valentines was punished for helping Christian prisoners escape Roman prisons. Another story said that Valentine fell in love with his jailor’s daughter and before he was put to death, he wrote a letter to her and the bottom, said “from your Valentine.” This “expression” is still used now when people send their valentines a card and sign it, “from your valentine.”

I am not really sure what this legend has to do with the love part of this holiday, but that is one legend of Valentine’s Day. Beautiful, right? No. Okay. What else should I write about in this article? How about the worse things people got on Valentine’s day?

1.) One girl got a receipt of the flowers her boyfriend got her, but not the flowers. How sad.

2.) One wife got a toilet seat for Valentine’s Day. And the husband thought it was the best gift ever.

3.) One boy gave his girlfriend his hair and framed it as a gift. She still married him.

4.) A boyfriend got his girlfriend tongue scrapers. That was it.

5.) A girl got a mermaid doll and adult diapers.

6.) A boy bought his girlfriend a garbage can.

7.) A girl got a box of chocolates. The catch? There was nothing inside.

8.) Another person got nothing. Even though her husband said that he would get her something small.

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Valentine’s Day