My Top 5 Favorite Chip Flavors

Chips! Everyone loves them, probably. I for one LOVE chips. So what if it’s unhealthy? I have too much energy to spare, so I got no problem burning all those unhealthy stuff ;). But I’m pretty sure everyone has their own favorite chip flavors, brands, chip form (I’m making that a phrase). Personally, I only care about the chip flavors. If it’s wonky looking, I’ll still eat it if still tastes delicious. And this article shall tell you my top 5 favorite chip flavors! Onto #5!

#5: Salt and Pepper

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Salt and pepper sound like a chip flavor but also doesn’t sound like a chip flavor. They’re not typically Lays, or Dorito flavors, but they are actually Trader Joe’s chips! I remember how much I used to eat them back in elementary school. Very nostalgic for me and still very good. I haven’t had them in quite a while, but I know that I can never get tired of eating these types of chips. I only have one complaint though, and this is the only time I’m going to criticize chip form, but a lot of the chips are so freaking big! I have a tiny mouth and taking multiple bites into a chip feels so weird for me. I always end up spilling crumbs on the ground, and I HATE it.

#4: Barbecue

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#4 on this list is Barbecue chips! I know as a kid, I didn’t end up liking it because of the taste. Since my parents couldn’t pick me up once school let out in elementary school, I had to stay at the after-school program. And they always had those boxes full of different chip backs. I felt like being a unique child and choosing the chips that no one knew how it tasted like. I ended up actually liking, and I still eat it to this day!

#3: Spicy Lemon/Lime

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Most people are probably surprised how low this flavor is on this list. I do REALLY like eating spicy lemon/lime chips, preferably Takis. Every once and awhile, I always get this craving for Takis. It’s probably because of how much I really like it. I love getting that slightly sour taste in my mouth from time to time and having your mouth burn from the intensity of the chili powder. And it’s also funny how my parents love eating spicy food, but they can’t handle Takis. They can only get like 12 sticks, and they’re done.

#2: Salt and Vinegar

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My second favorite chip flavor is salt and vinegar! If we want to be specific, I prefer Lays for this chip flavor. And if we want to be EVEN more specific, I like the kettle cooked ones. I can’t seem to understand why I really, really like these chips, but their always so good and I like the color they used for the packaging. Just like with Takis, I really like that subtle sourness you taste when eating salt and vinegar chips.

#1: Jalapeño

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And, for my number one favorite chip flavor, it’s Jalapeño! Jalapeño chips are so amazing! An amazing combination of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty. It’s a little bit of each of those four tastes, making it my top chip flavor. Originally my parents bought those chips for themselves. But I snuck some for myself, and I ended it up LOVING it. It’s something my whole family loves, so whenever we go to the store to buy food, Jalapeño chips will no doubt be in our shopping cart.