Jack vs Jack

One day a kid named Jack was at a store when something weird started happening. He went to the store and bought a drink but on the way back something came out of his hand. He didn’t know what to do, he was petrified. He quickly started to panic and he ran home and while he was running more stuff kept coming out of his hand. He went home and shouted Mom… Mom where are you. His mom quickly jumped out of her bed and ran down stairs. His mom thought he was in danger so she quickly locked the door and hid him. The mom asked what happened the kid replies stuff keeps shooting out of my hand. The mom gives him a dead look and says, “Yeah and I could fly.” and started laughing.

The kid said you don’t believe me and a fireball came out of his hand. His mom was in shock she ran up stairs and called the cops. The kid yelled, “No! mom if you tell the police they will lock me up and conduct experiments on me.” The mom said ok but what should we do. The kid says, “We need to find out why this is happening and how.” The mom said, “Yeah but before we do any of that we need to wrap it up so if something happens again no one will get harmed.” After the mom and Jack wrapped his arm up they went to the place it all started.

Jack went near the grocery  store and spotted something unusual. He shouted mom, “I think I know what happened.” The mom ran to him and said what did you find. Jack pointed at this tiny portal and said, “What is that?” in a very scared voice. The mom said, “Do you think we should go in.” The kid replied with, “Are you crazy, there is no way we are going in there.” The mom says it’s the only way and she jumped in. The kid screamed mom as he jumped in as well. When they got out of the portal it was a whole different dimension, everyone was using these type of powers that they have never seen before. As Jack and his mom were looking around in shock someone yelled Jack your going to be late for practice. Jack said, ” How do you know my name and where am I.” The kid replied with, “Stop playing around Jack.” As the kid said that a person that looked identical as Jack came behind him and freaked out.

Jack yelled, “Are you me?” The other jack replied by throwing a sword at him and saying, “There can only be one Jack”. Out of nowhere a whole arena teleported and the only people there were the two Jacks. They started fighting and Jack was yelling I don’t want to fight you this is a miss understanding. The other Jack yelled with anger it doesn’t matter and took him down. Jack was on the floor and the mysterious Jack put a word to his neck and said this is the end. After he did this Jack woke up and realized it was a dream.