The giant flying animal over New York City

The flying animal over New York City was fascinating and huge. If it flew over you then you would get good luck for the next decade of your life. The animal flew by every day and was doing it to make people happy but the animal was too weak to go another day so the day nobody saw him everybody was worried on if he was okay or not because he flew over the city every day for 100 years.

Everybody was searching and searching for the big flying animal when one lonely man was walking in the woods and saw a cave. Intrigued by the cave he walked in and saw a pack of glowing and magical creatures and once he had reached the end of the cave he saw the giant flying animal but could not tell what it was because it was too big but all he saw was a blood mark on the animals back.

The animal was wounded. The man was worried for the animal and tried taking it outside but he could not because it was too big, so the man called 911. The paramedics and they were able to get it out and they were shocked on how big the wound was. The animal was hit by a helicopter and it was accurately measured as the size of two full sized planes. One helicopter did as much damage as a  rocket launcher.

The animal was healed days later because the paramedics injected with a drug to heal it and it flew over the city once again but was sadly hit again so he flew into a building where everybody saw what the animal was. It was a giant flying turtle and it was hit by a giant flying dragon and it was trying to kill the turtle. The turtle was almost dead when the dragon appeared and blew fire at the turtle but its shell stopped it and  the turtle looked at the dragon and smiled.

About 30 little flying turtles flew at the dragon biting it because 15 of them were snapping turtles. All of them were to strong for the dragon so the dragon smiled and 20 mini dragons appeared and blew fire on the mini turtles. The giant battle turned into a giant war of 200 vs 200 and the dragons were hitting the turtles as the two big animals were in pain but the giant turtle got up anyway and went to finish off the dragon but the mini turtles were holding them back to quickly

The giant turtle was able to get to the dragon and blew all the wind it had at it. The dragon was hit into a giant tree as the mini animals were at a gigantic war. The dragon fell and its mini dragons surrendered and the dragon flew away. The turtles grew up 100 years later and gave everybody they flew past a decade of amazing luck.The turtles grew up to be giant turtles and helped people and the turtles lived to be happy forever.