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ely twito

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This is me. My favorite hobbies. The first one I like is soccer I enjoy it a lot. I have so much fun when I play with friends. My second hobby is skating. I like it because you basically just go outside to try to learn new tricks and not just staying inside and play on electronics all day. Finally my third one is basketball. I like basketball a lot but I like it for the same reasons I like soccer. This is why I like my three hobbies.

This is my family. I have 6 people in my family. Number 1 my mom, dad, 10 year old brother, 7 year old sister, 2 year old little brother, and me. These are my family’s hobbies. My 10 year old brother’s hobby is to play soccer and play video games and my 7 year old sister is gymnastics. Finally my little brother’s hobby is to play with his own toys.

This is about me. I am 12 years old I go to hale charter academy. My birthday is September 8 2006. My favorite thing to do is play soccer. When I was 4 I went to a preschool with Britney Spears kids, when I was six I went to Nestle until 2nd grade. Then I moved to Woodlake because I moved houses. I went there until 5th grade. At 6th grade I went to a private Jewish school named Kadima. It was from pre school until 8th grade. It was so small that there was 15 kids every grade. The next year I moved to Hale where all my friends from Woodlake went there. So I went the school was so big. The whole amount of kids in middle school in my other school was one whole class in one of my classes. But I fit in.

The craziest thing happened to me. When I was 8 I broke my nose. There was a party at my cousins house and there was like 10 kids in one trampoline and it was night so we couldn’t see a lot. I was jumping and a younger kid than me also jumped and hit his forehead on my nose. I threw up blood and I was bleeding so much I couldn’t move. My mom heard me screaming so she came and took me to the hospital at 1 in the morning. My mom told me not to fall asleep because she wanted to know if I was fine. I didn’t go to school the next two days to check on my nose. I was very close to breaking my nose. But likely I was fine after all the x rays I did.

When I was born. I was born two months before I was supposed to be born. I was premature. I don’t know a lot about this because I can’t possibly know. But yea I was a premature baby I had to stay in the hospital for 1 month to stay healthy. When I was premature I was small as coke bottle. This is my life and what I do and like.


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ely twito