Why I listen to music too much

Okay, whats good guys. Now I have written about food, colors, animals, even about music. But I have spoken about how much I really listen to music. Music is great, but would anyone really listen to music all day? Or in any part that they can find their headphones accessible? Ya, that is me. But why?

  1. It makes me happy (or sad): Let us start off with a pretty obvious one. Music just makes me happy, if I’m in a crappy mood, then i’ll turn on some Frank Sinatra and listen to “Fly me to the Moon” and I’ll feel way better. Just the way he sings, and the tune of the song makes everything seem so easy. Or maybe I’m in a great mood and I need that extra bit of pep in my step so I’ll listen to something that makes me feel even better about myself, or as the kids say these days “makes me feel like a boss”. Artists like Logic, Blackbear, and Madison Beer really help with that. But, I’m also a weird kind of human being to listen to sad music when I’m sad, so listening to some good, healthy, and wholesome depressing music really helps make me feel like a depressed edgy teen. (Even though you really shouldn’t do that, or do I don’t really care). Related image
  2. Block out all of the haters: Coming in next, we have probably the best and most useful reason to why I listen to music so often. When you have a family that is as loud as mine, you will find that you need a good way to block out their voices. Or if you have a grandma that does not stop talking, and also doesn’t realize that your airpods are actually in your ears. If someone is annoying you, put in your favorite song, and drown them out. Mom is yelling at you for never paying attention to her? Put in those airpods and jam out. Got a really bad grade on your math test? Get depressed over your sad playlist. Image result for person listening to music
  3. How to listen to music too much: Now you might be wondering, what is too much music? Well, for me to explain to you how, and why I listen to music as do, I have to give you some back round. Okay, ever since I was a little child, I was always into music, I was obsessed with the guitar (never ended up playing much). And I also played the piano for 5 years. My parents introduced me to a bunch of old artists (classical mostly). We would also always have music playing in our house hold, it just kept us going throughout the day. So, that is really why I love to listen to music, it always played a huge part in my life, and what I did/do on a daily bases. How? You may be asking. Well, I already listened to a bunch of music, but after I got myself a pair of airpods, it really increased how much I would listen on the day to day. Plus, having Spotify premium really helps since you don’t have any of those pesky ads playing between every two songs.  Related image