Six Flags Roller Coasters

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Hello today i’m going to talk to you about six flags roller coasters. I’m very scared of roller coasters and barely go on any of them. So this is the website that i found these rides on, but don’t worry i put them in my own words. So this is the website:

”Roller Coaster. In the United States, approximately three hundred million people ride roller coastersevery year. A roller coaster is an amusement park ride made of a series of linked cars on a rail track supported by a wood or steel structure and shaped into rises, drops, twists, and turns.”

  • Batman Ride: This ride is really intense, and it actually feels like you are batman. I didn’t ride because I was to scared. But it does look fun.

Image result for the batman ride at six flags


  • Tidal Wave Ride: At first I was too scared to go on this ride but i forced myself to go on it because it looked really fun. So basically you go up very slowly you turn and then you just drop. And they said that you get wet on the ride, but from were i was sitting all i got was a few drops. But the best part is that when you get of there’s a bridge and if you want to get super wet then you stand there and you get soaked. It was so fun.

Image result for the tidal wave ride ride at six flags

  • Gold Rusher: This ride is more of a ride for younger kids, but i still enjoyed it, I think everyone would enjoy it. From what I remember there’s no drops. But it was fun.

Image result for gold rusher

  • Green Lantern: From my view green lantern looks terrifying. You need strength, courage, and confidence. Its very scary.

Image result for green lantern six flags

  • Dive Devil: You basically experience skydiving, bungee jumping, and hang gliding all rolled into one. It looks terrifying. ”Strap into the harness with a friend or two and wave goodbye to the ground.  You’ll stare straight down as you are hoisted up by a slim cable, until you’re so high you’ll only hear the wind as you dangle 15 stories in the air”

Image result for dive devil six flagsImage result for dive devil six flags






  • Jet Stream: I think i’v been on this one, I  did not expect that drop. i went during summer camp, when I was 10, and my couch said that it i’ll be fine, and i believed her, because it looked just like bouts and I did not know that big jump was coming. It was fun but that drop was scary.

Image result for jet stream six flags

  • Lex Luthor: ”Strap into your chair and settle in, because the ride to the top of the 415 foot tower will be the longest 90 seconds of your life. You’ll be hoisted up more than 40 stories in the air as the people below you grow further and further away. When you look down, all you’ll see are your feet dangling in the air and the sheer drop of 400 feet straight beneath you.”

Image result for lex luthor six flags

  • Roaring Rapids: This ride is fun for all ages. Many people can sit in one boat. And you go through this river and get splashed with water. I got soaked last time i’v been on it.

Image result for roaring rapids six flags

So those are some roller coasters from six flags. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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