Martin Van Buren, Willaim Harrison, & John Tyler review

Many of the presidents here had served only 1 term. So I decided to just cover the presidents here in 1 go.

Martin Van Buren

With Andrew Jackson second term came to a end, Jackson backed Martin Van Buren for the Democratic candidate for president. Which many Democrats pushed for unanimously. But during Jackson’s presidency, he had round many supporters but many opponents. Jackson opponents managed to unify & created the Whig party. When the next election came, the Whigs put all their money on a new strategy. The strategy was running several candidates in different regions of the country & hoping that Van Buren would lose all regions. However, when election day come. The strategy backfired & Martin Van Buren won the election. When Van Buren settle in the white house, a recession happened. It was called the panic of 1837, which many blamed Buren for. To be fair, Van Buren didn’t cause the Panic of 1837. But he didn’t do anything to stop it. With a recession on his back, he had a costly war with the natives in Florida. Not to mention that he failed to annex Texas at the time. The reason he didn’t annex Texas was because it would have become a slave state. So to avoid conflict, he didn’t get Texas statehood.

–  Failure to annex Texas

– Panic of 1837

– Failure to deal with the Natives


William  Henry Harrison

So with a not so great record as president, Van Buren had deal with the Whig nomination for president William Henry Harrison. With John Tyler as his president. If you know how Van Buren presidency went, you probably know how this election went. William Henry Harrison won the election of 1840 in a landslide. So with Harrison as president, he managed to have a big impact on America. That even all parties agreed with his policies. He was one of the most popular president in our ti- he died about a month within his presidency.

– Did nothing


John Tyler 

So with William Harrison out of the picture, John Tyler become the next president of the U.S & was the first unelected one. Many in the Whig party disown him & kicked him out of the party. Another blow was that almost everyone beside one in his cabinet resigned. But despite being despised by both parties, he still had some accomplishments. He encouraged people to move to the west with the pre emption act.  Annex Texas & got access to the Asian ports. He didn’t make major victories with his administration but made minor ones. I never understand why people put him in the bottom of the list of presidents.

Off topic but, I always hated how people would just put the current president in the bottom. Like they just put Obama or Trump right in the worst spot. Despite how strong of a opinion you had for either of those presidents. We hadn’t even experience the long term experience of those two. We are in right in the middle of experiencing Bush’s foreign policies.  Like are they worse than the president who set civil rights back several decades. Or worse than the president who made it fine to have a intervention for little to no reason. No? I would understand if you put one of them in a bottom list. But the worst president? Really. Sorry for the little sidetrack, I’ll get back to the review. While not a bad president, he didn’t do much.

– Encourage people to move to the west

– Access to Asian ports