My Mom’s Past

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My Mom was born in Lima, Peru on 9/20/75 to Maria and Orlando Infante.  She is the youngest of seven children My mom and her family migrated to the US in 1980 at the age of 4 Her and her family had to escape the life they were living due to political and economic turmoil. They moved to Woodland Hills California where her family quickly adapted to their new way of life. My mom was a little luckier than her siblings in learning the English language because she was a child. She watched a lot of tv and quickly Learned the language better than before.  She began to attend Hamlin elementary school in Woodland Hills. She had fun and made a lot of friends. Most of her childhood teachers are remembered quite fondly. They helped her out tremendously with the language and just adapting to a new country.

She started running track and cross country for the west valley eagles. She played softball at Shoup Park, she went to Parkman middle school where she discovered that she had a passion for history and science.  She continued to be a great athlete, setting a record for the mile run. She was a team leader, but she struggled with some girls that didn’t like her because they thought she acted white. They would call her white washed because she didn’t speak with an accent and because her grew up in the valley, most of her close friends were white and were all form the valley (woodland hills are in the San Fernando valley) In fact, one of those girls picked a fight with her before graduation and because my mom got good grades and had never been in trouble she got to walk on stage for graduation and the other girl did not. 

She trained a lot the summer of 1989, she had gone out for the cross country she softball teams at Taft high school. She loved sports and that was a big drive for her to do well academically. She went out for every club she had time for and joined student government and was even student body Vice President of her school.  She had amazing teacher and runs into her favorite coaches once in a blue moon, she wishes she had seen her cross country coach before he passed. She really attributes him for making her high school experience great. He was kind, positive, gave great advice and had a heart of gold. She always tells me how important these times of school are for each kid. You come into your own and just let go and embrace what will come. 

After that my mom attended UCLA where she only went for 1 year because she had my sister Samie at 19.  My mom had brother Evan at 28, and me at 30. My mom does so much for our family such as paying for food, for my brother and I to go to school, and our house. I am very thankful for what my mom has done for me and I am very proud of what she has done. I hope I can learn from what she has done.


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