The Process

It normally takes me a few minutes to think of a topic to write about. Sometimes I can’t even come up with a topic to write about so I search on the internet to see what good ideas it has in mind. I almost never take the suggestions they give me because I don’t know what to write for those topics.

I am always looking for ideas and always talking to friends so I somehow get a topic to write about but this time I decided to do this why well I honestly don’t even know. The first thing i was going to write was about a youtuber who I was going to react to but I thought it was pretty boring. I thought for like a minute in my head  and said “wait what if i write about the struggles on finding a topic.” It took me almost about 15 minutes to think about anything. It is currently 2:47 and i’m having second thoughts about writing this.

The next thing I do is start writing my article and try to calculate all my words so that I don’t have less or exactly 500 because i always like to write at least a few words over the limit. I try to make things make sense but my wording is always somehow confusing. I have written 3 articles at a time once because I was behind. I’m getting off topic, anyways I can write about 240 words in 30 minutes but only when I focus most times I’m not focused because i have so many distractions all around me.

The almost final thing I do is I go home and delete my whole essay to start with a whole other topic. I stop writing and sorta take a break to see if i could think of a better topic to write about. I can usually write about 100 words in about half an hour. Once I have complete my whole essay I normally start to brain storm on the next topics but it feels like all my ideas won’t have a lot to write about. Most of these things go through my head and I’m overthinking this whole thing. I could write a whole story for about like 400 words and if I can’t write anything else to write bout it I decide to delete the whole entire thing and completely start all over again. I would probably be a Saturday right now and I’d be on a whole other topic.

My parents are the ones who always inspire my topics. Sometimes my parents don’t give me that much of ideas so I begin to look at my surroundings and their is always one thing that catches my eye and I can write a lot about. I have picked one thing and I start writing like a psycho and I get a little concerned because I am not a really fast at typing so I don’t really know why my brain is so excited to write. I write about 500 words and if I ever do more well then I do more. So far I have never written exactly 500 words. I hope I never have to write this little. Then I turn in my article.