The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

These are my favorite Super Bowl commercials

The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

The Super Bowl is the championship game for the National Football League, and while a lot of people enjoy the game, which wasn’t the best this year, and some enjoy the Halftime Show, there are actually a number of people who enjoy watching the funny commercials, so here are my favorites from that category.

The Hyundai elevator commercial was very funny. The ad depicts a bunch of tasks everyone has to go through once in their life as floors of a tower than an elevator goes down. After five floors showcasing frustrating tasks, the last one is a car shopping lot. The person in the elevator says “I’m not going here, I bought my car with Hyundai” so the elevator man pushes a button and the next floor is the Hyundai dealership, which is made to look better than the generic one.

This is a weird one. The Bud Light mascot goes jousting (not explained) but then he loses. After that, the other jouster kills the Bud Light mascot. Yes, he actually dies. Then a dragon comes out from behind the stadium and burns the whole thing down. At this point, I didn’t know if this was even a Bud Light commercial or if they were going to make some corn syrup joke after. Turns out, they were not, because shortly after, the title “Game of Thrones: Final Season” showed. This was

T Mobile has a bunch of ads showing funny text messages people received, but only one really stood out. A guy receives a text saying “Hi Mike. I’m here for you.” and the guy says “Thanks, it’s been a rough day” and the person replies “No. I’m here to pick you up. I’m your Lyft driver.” The humor here reminded me of the old Garfield comics.

I think the most surprising one was the Twilight Zone commercial. After a few other commercials, the game resumed and the commentator started talking. After ten seconds, the whole screen went black with the words “CBS is unavailable” (if you watched the game on CBS). When the screen returned, the stadium was completely different. The lights were off, there were no spectators, and the only person on the field was Jordan Peele, the director, and narrator for the new Twilight Zone. This was a big surprise if you saw it on the game because most people thought the commercials were over. As Jordan Peele talked, multiple clones of him walked around the stadium. Then he opened a door randomly placed in the middle of the field and disappeared.

There were 2 “Failed Alexa products” commercials. One of them featured a dog with an Alexa collar, and whenever he barked, it said “Ordering dog food.”, so his owner said “Alexa, stop.” but the dog ran away and started ordering more food. Then it cut to a scene of an Amazon delivery guy bringing a hundred pounds of dog food to their porch and said: “That’s a lot of dog food!” The ad ends with the words “Not all products make the cut”

One of the funniest commercials of this year’s Super Bowl was the Pringles ad. There are these two guys stacking Pringles and one guy asks their home assistant that looks very much like a cross between Alexa and Google Home how many combinations of Pringles you can stack. The assistant says “There are three thousand combinations, but I can not enjoy any of them because I have no fingers to stack with, no mouth to eat with, no soul to feel with-” but the guy cuts them off and says “Okay, cool. Play Funky Town” and the machine just starts playing music without saying anything. It’s like a satire of the home assistant ads.

Microsoft had the best (and most optimistic) commercial in my opinion. They interviewed kids with disabilities or missing fingers or hands and asked them what their favorite hobbies were. They all answered that they like playing video games, but their disabilities make it hard to play for them. Then Microsoft introduced the adaptable controls they created to make gaming accessible for everyone. Hopefully, other companies like Nintendo or Sony catch on and make their own controls like this.

On that note, this wraps up my favorite Super Bowl commercials. I have to say, the game wasn’t too interesting this year, but I did still enjoy the game.