The Crash

One day a girl named Brook was at a party. She is a straight A student at Harvard so it was basically  her only break away from all of her studying. So she decided to take advantage of this opportunity. She drank a bit and when she called an uber she realized she didn’t have her wallet with her and none of her friends were there. So she decided to drive because she thought she barely drank but when she got in the car the last thing she saw was a car ram into her. We will talk about her later.

Moving on to Stacey. Stacey was a thief her whole life and recently she hasn’t been very successful but she has something up her sleeve. It was twelve a clock February, eleven, twenty eighteen when she decided to run in a bank and take a bunch of money. She successfully got the money and ran but there were police officers behind her so she dropped the bag with all the money and hid in a grocery store.

Lets move on to Jack. Jack is a high school student with all C’s and D’s. Recently he has been depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him and his mom is mad at him because there family isn’t making enough money.While Jack is getting groceries he sees a bag and inside the bag is 20,000 dollars. He quickly takes the bag and decides to go celebrate by going to a bar and buying a couple of his friends drinks. He goes to the bar takes one shot than another shot than he takes his last shot and calls it a day. He gets in the car all drunk and drives full speed and runs into another car.

Lets go back to Brook, Brook quickly stepped out of her car to see if the other driver was OK but than she saw a bunch of blood so she looked inside and helped the man out of the car. As she takes him out of the car she asked two question. The first one was are you OK the man reply’s with saying  I think so. The second question was whats your name and the man replies with Jack. Suddenly the women replies with wait, I know you, you’re the one that is wanted for stealing money.

This story proves that one person can effect meany more people very easily. Since Stacey robbed the bank Jack found the money. Since Jack found the money he went out and celebrated. Since he celebrated he got drunk. Since he got drunk he got into an accident. Since he got into an accident Brook did as well. Since Brook got in an accident she saw who Jack was and realized he was wanted for stealing money from a bank, even though it was Brook who really stole the money. This proves that life is all a big cycle with parts to it that depend on other pieces.