Pointless and Crazy Inventions Part 2

As you can see by the tittle, I have already made an essay about pointless and crazy inventions. However, I did some research and I found some really strange inventions that I would like to tell you about. So I decided to make a part two! Let’s get to it. Have you ever heard about concealed barefoot shoes? Well, I certainly haven’t until now and I am surprised they even exist. Apparently, the purpose of these shoes is to satisfy those who love to walk around barefoot without no one knowing. Which I don’t think anybody needs a shoe for this. From distance these shoes might look normal, yet there is something special about them. Once you get close you can clearly see that the shoes are missing a bottom half. Without a bottom half, you can achieve your dreams of being barefoot whenever you want without anybody noticing.

Are you a noddle fan? If you are, then you know that feeling when you are really craving noodles, but they are too hot to eat. Even if you try, there are high chances you will spit it back because it is too hot. Finally, after ten minutes the noodles cooled down, and you are not craving them as much as you did before. If I were in that situation I will blow on them, and just eat them right away. The problem is, what if you get tired of blowing on your noodles? This next invention might be just what you need. The answer to your problem is a noodle fan. A noodle fan is a small fan that you can hang on your utensils. It will work better if you use a chopstick. At least this invention is not entirely pointless, since there are a lot of people that struggle with this problem. However, it is a little bit crazy because anyone can just blow on their noodles. If you are actually wanting this product it is available in your local grocery stores.

Do you go to sleep super early and wake up with full energy? If you do I can’t relate. In the other hand, everyone once in a while needs an extra nap. What if you take a nap in the subway? I mean, I don’t think you should do that no matter how tired you might be. For starters, they subway is not the most comfortable place to rest, and it is not the safest either. Believe it or not, subway sleep devices are now in some subways. According to www.brainjet.com it says, “People won’t judge you for drifting off in the subway, but they will judge you for using intricate devices to help that process along. This chin rest and plunger helmet are two of the most egregious subway don’ts”.

This is the end for today’s article. As you can see there is many inventions that do not make sense or function right. No matter how dumb or useless these products are people would still use them.