my gradma and granpa came to visit

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I came back from school and I got in and saw my grandma and grandpa. I haven’t seen them for 3 to 4 years. My mom planned it for a whole month. They came back from Israel to visit us. I was so happy. They brought us a bunch of snacks from Israel and each of my siblings and I got 100 dollars. The same week my parents were going to Mexico for my dad’s birthday. So my grandma and grandpa took care of us. When my parents went to Mexico they left on Sunday so my grandma and grandpa had to take me to school. They had to take us to 3 different schools. On for me, one for my two siblings in Elementary School,  and finally my little brother that goes daycare.

They took me to school and I had to wake up at 6 am which I never do. I usually wake up at 6:50. That’s kind of early for me. My grandpa took us to school we stopped at Starbucks in the morning and I got a panini and hot chocolate. he took me to school really early. I was the third one in class, I am usually one of the last. I was just on my phone. School ended My grandpa picked me up in a whole different place where my mom picks me up. So I couldn’t find him. I called him and I found him, it took me 30 minutes to find him. I told him for the next day he takes me to school take me later and when he picks me up to pick me up somewhere else. My grandma made us hot soup because it was raining and she wanted us to have something warm.

So later on my friend called me and invited me to watch the super bowl at his house with some other friends of mind. I got there at 2 and the game started at 4 with all the commercials before. The game started it took along time a team scored. Until the patriots scored 3 points and we where all kind of mad. It was half time and it was raining outside and we played football in the rain for two hours. Every little bit we watch some of the game. The total score was 13 to 3. Rams lost to patriots by 9 points. We played a little bit more football then I left home. I got home and showered and I was on my phone.

The next day my parent were coming home from Mexico. I was really happy. My grandpa took me to school and he took me on the time I wanted to get to school.  I finished school and my parents got us kinder chocolate. The next day in the morning my grandma and grandpa went to Vegas for two days. It felt like everything was back to normal. With my 100 dollars I ordered a skate board and some shoes. I got my room back because they were sleeping in it. I got my room for two days until they come.

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