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Last week I wrote an article about the most popular sneakers. In that list I left out so many amazing sneakers that are probably more popular than the others. Here are these sneakers that were left out.

Nike Air Force One

The Nike Air Force One originally released in 1982. This was 3 years before the Jordan 1 came out. This shoe inspired the design of the Jordan 1. This shoe is notorious because of the all white colorway. There are many styles of Air Force Ones such as: Low, Mid, and High. There are so many colorways of this shoe that I can’t even name a quarter. All colors and designs on the Air Force One colorways that make it where you can buy almost the exact thing you’d want. This shoe is an icon and is on the levels as the Jordan 1.

Nike Air Mags

This shoe is one of the most limited shoes ever and is popular for selling for upwards of 13,500! It originally released to promote the movie: Back to the Future II. The second edition of this shoe released in a raffle with tickets costing $10. Nike raised 6.75 million dollars which was given to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Only 89 pairs were released and they have resold for at most $95,000! These are a treasure and very rare but cherished by the sneaker community.

Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas has had a revamp ever since 2015 with their Ultra Boosts and other boost shoes. Boost is a super comfortable sole technology like Air and Zoom Air. These shoes have released four versions since 2015 for $180 and have made a cult following of new Adidas fans. These shoes are just as, if not more popular then the Yeezys! They have many colorways that are very simple and not too flashy. They are a wide released shoe so everyone has access to get them. They are a classic even though they are very new compared to others.

Adidas NMD 

The Adidas NMD has gained more traction ever since the newer releases of the Ultra Boosts. They release for $130 to $200. They are almost always available and very cool. With a boost sole and a primeknit upper these shoes are very comfortable and easy to wear. They also release in many colors and different variants. They have become way more popular since the Ultra Boosts have been releasing way more. These are another amazing shoe that is going to last for a while.

Vans Old Skool

This is the most popular sneaker around. The Vans Old Skool released in 1977. They have been worn by skaters everywhere ever since. They are everywhere! Almost everyone I see is wearing vans. Everyone wears them because they aren’t too expensive and are super cool. The colorways worn of these are usually the checkerboard and the black. They only cost $60 to $70. They are the most basic shoe anyone can wear. These are a classic and will never be out of style.

The point of these articles about these sneakers is to show you some amazing shoes that you might want to buy or to tell you the shoes not to buy so you can stand out. These are the most popular sneakers of all time.

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