The Flash Season 5 Episode 13 Part 1

So they gave us a basic recap about what has been happening form the past episodes like when Sherloqe was interrogating Nora. Then the episode starts where Sherloqe is studying Nora’s time language from her notebook. Then Nora vibrates through the wall and spying on Sherloqe and then she found out that Sherloqe nows that  Nora is working with someone.

So then she runs to the future 2049 to Eobard Thawne, Then Eobard Thawne says But he doesn’t know with whom you’re working. Then  She said how was he sure because if he did her father would be here right now in a flash threatening to put his hand right through his heart. So then she gets scared because she says that her father would hate her if he found out she was working with Eobard Thawne behind his back. But then Eobard Thawne says This can all be fixed. Then Nora said How then Eobard says that a man does not wear another man’s face unless he understands his mind. so then he says that she has to make him love a certain girl at a certain time for this plan to work if everything is not perfect it will go wrong.

Then we meet Iris on the computer typing while Barry runs in. Then she is mad because it has been a week that she has launched central city citizen and she is struggling to gain readers. Then she just found out why it was because she only gained readers when she wrote about Devoe. So then she asked Barry if she can write an article about Cicada then he just says whatever makes you happy.

The barry goes back to star labs to find Catlin and Ralph working on the metahuman cure to use on Cicada. Then they found out they have to make Cicada still for a minute for the cure to work. So to do that they have got an immobilizer to immobilize any organism in this case Cicada. Then Catlin said but the immobilizer was stolen and I don’t even know where to start to look. But then Ralph said but I do I know a guy. Then Ralphs friend said stuff like that goes to the Black Market. So then they have to go to see Goldface.

Back to when Nora has to shift Sheloqe’s focus. So then Nora takes Sherloqe to Jitters. So then now Nora is interrogating Sherloqe so then she has to plant the things so he can fall in love with the certain girl. So then he meets Renee Adler then he just gets creepy by telling her about her personal life because of that she says I’m leaving you stalker.

Then we go back with Ralph and Barry where they are in the middle of a building and they say the magic word. Then they dropped down then they get handcuffed. Then they wake up to have guns near there face. So then Goldface’s assistant came out and said who are you.

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