Top Five Favorite Foods

In this journal entry, I will be sharing about my top five favorite foods to eat. Some of my favorite foods are bananas, white rice, french fries, spaghetti, and cereal.

Bananas are great and they are also a good source of iron and minerals. I also like bananas because they are very good in smoothies, like strawberry banana. Or you could have a chocolate, peanut butter, and banana smoothie. Cheerios are also good with sliced bananas. It makes a very good extra sweet taste to the cereal. I only like bananas when they are ripe. When they aren’t ripe they taste sour and unsweet. Oatmeal and bananas go good together because it gives the oatmeal an extra flavor.

White rice goes with so many different meals. Like for instance, chicken and rice go good together. Also soy sauce gives the bland rice a salty taste to it. Rice isn’t good if you eat a lot because it has many carbs in it. The carbs cause a lot of fat in the belly area. I like sticky rice because  sticky rice seams to be more dry. I also like rice with sushi. I like cucumber rolls with rice because it is not like eating plain cucumbers.

My next favorite food is french fries. This semester I started learning about health. I learned that french fries have a lot of different kinds of bad oil like Saturated. unsaturated, and vegetable. One of the items that you are suppose to use sparingly are oils. Oils make fat, but if you eat too much you will gain weight. I like french fries a lot, but I have learned to not eat so many of them. I like french fries with ketchup. Or I like french fries by themselves. Instead of french fris you can eat normal potatoes to get more protein from the skin.

Spaghetti is Italian food. I like spaghetti because of the red sauce. I also like the meat balls with my spaghetti. Meat balls are a great source of protein added in all the carbs of the noodles. I like my noodles cooked all the way. Because if they aren’t they are hard and don’t have a good texture. Noodles are easier to eat when they are cut up into small pieces. If the aren’t you have to twirl them up on the fork. I love cheese on my spaghetti because it gives the spaghetti an extra taste.

Cereal is one of the groups of carbs. I like cereal because it it very tasty. In the morning I wake up and refresh myself with a bowl of cereal. I like many different types of cereal. It is hard for me to choose, but I like bran cereal. If you eat sugary cereal you will get tired in school. When you eat something sugary you get a sugar rush, then you get tired because of how hyper active you were.

Those were my top five favorite foods. You need food in order to stay alive, but ones that are good for you.