Having fun in the snow

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To start off with I have only been in the snow a couple of times. All of the times I’ve been in the snow, I was in big bear.

I’ve always  wanted to see more of the snow. The problem is California never gets snow. The last time it snowed in California was about seven yeas ago and I did get to sled. Two doors down from my old house there was an empty lot. It had a really bog hill. So my dad and I grabbed our sled, bundled up and went to have fun, lots of fun.

Anyways back to my article.

The reason my parents and I would go to Big Bear whenever it would snow there is because, my grandparents lived there. I would always go up this really big mountain and tube down. My parents told me that when I was about five or six I took skiing lessons. (which I don’t remember) I would take skiing lessons again, but I don’t know when I will ever be back in the snow. I have always wanted to try snowboarding because I have some friends that go over winter break and they say it’s really fun.

When I was younger I would take my old dog to the snow. He loved it and so did I. My dad and I would through snowballs in the air for my dog and he would try to catch them. Most of the snowballs we threw in the air for him, he would miss and plop right on his head. Which I thought was kind of funny. Once I found a dead bird that my old dog had killed in a tree and it was in the snow. I didn’t want to touch the bird so I made my dad pick it up and he pretended to fling it in my face. He really let go of it I screamed and ran far away from him.

I recently got a new dog, Cory. I don’t think he has ever been in the snow before so I would really like to bring him one day. The problem with me going to Big Bear now is, my grandparents made there home a place for people to rent, so there might be people in the house at all times. Now the good part is it snows in Ohio and that’s where my grandparents live now.

Ever sense the big rain storms the mornings in Woodland Hills have been very cold. Like almost freezing. Every morning I would go outside and write something on my barbecue cover with my finger because there was frost on it. Also my dog would go crazy on the hillside for the frost on my grass. He would smell it and run away from the frost. Normally my hillside is really brown and dry but from all this rain it got really green. Which I think is pretty.  I wonder if he will do that if we ever take him to the snow.



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