Chowie is a young girl. She flew from Japan to California hoping to get a job. She couldn’t get a job in Japan because not many people gave her an opportunity. They thought that she wasn’t going to keep the job long enough, so they didn’t even give her a chance. So, she came to California where no one knew her. At least she thought no one did.

The first thing she did was rent a hotel. The hotel she rented is called “Grape Rock Hotel“. She saw the reviews on this hotel. They weren’t that great, but that was the only one she could afford. Meanwhile her parents back in Japan were sad to see her go so soon. Chowie was ready for her next day in California.

Today was the day Chowie went out of that nasty hotel room to look for a job. The first place she visited was papaya café. They were only hiring waiters so Chowie had no choice. She talked to the manager and he said that she didn’t fit the part. She didn’t feel bad at all because she knew that there were way better chances out there. She continued walking down the street looking for jobs. She saw an opening as a house keeper right down the block of the hotel she was staying at. She asked one of the current employees if the manager was here, the employee started trembling. Chowie was confused on why the employee was scared. The employee said “Oh um.. I have no clue um.. ask Martha.” Chowie responded “WHO?” The employee pointed to Martha. Chowie walked to Martha and asked if she knew if the manager was here and Martha said “Go to the 5th floor and ask for Mr. Jackson. ” I followed Martha’s direction’s and once I got there I did exactly what she told me. Mr. Jackson was here and he said he would take me in tomorrow. I agreed to meet up tomorrow.

The next day it was time for Chowie to make an interview with the manager of Panda Resort. They talked for about two hours and when Chowie came out her face lit up. Mr. Jackson gave her the job. Not for a house keeper but to work with the pandas they had. She was so happy because that was her favorite animal. She started her training on the next week.

The next week it was Chowie’s first day at training. The first thing they taught her was how to feed and treat the pandas. She was a quick learner because once they finished her training on the same day it was her first day at work because she understood everything. She learned about all the pandas at the resort. Now Chowie has been working at the resort for about ten years and has the perfect record of work days. She has decided to pay her parents a quick visit at Japan. Mr. Jackson approved and now she could see her parents after twelve years of being in California.