Rainy Days

February 4, 2019

I have to say that rainy days are my personal favorite. Although there is not much to do on these days. What I like to do is to stay inside watching movies, snuggled up in a blanket with a fresh batch of popcorn. But sometimes my family decides to go out and do something. I love to stay home and be all cozy but I guess I can tell one of my favorite rainy day memories.

In 2014 it was a rainy day and I was with one of my best friends. We went to the mountains in my friends car. We were on the freeway and I brought my stuffed animals and we started making a little car show and now that I think back to it I feel like that wasn’t such a good idea. We would use my puppet animals to make a show near the window and we would wait to see peoples reaction. I remember that when my friend made his puppet show that a car with only girls blew him kisses and me and my other friend and I were laughing really hard and she almost screamed. My friend who got kisses blown to is named Roger, and the one who almost screamed is named Jen. Roger wanted to see the girls again but he didn’t get to see them anymore. I also made my own puppet show. There were a lot of funny reactions.

We finally made it to the mountains. The snow was as white as a cloud that got bleached and as soft as cotton candy. I think this was my second time going to the snow ever in my life because I’ve been there a time before when my brother was about my age. I quickly ran out the car and slid on the ice. What a nice greeting from the mountain.

We all played in the snow for a while. We got hungry and decided to go eat the food we have packed. Though we couldn’t eat it in the snow we have passed by a park and we ate there. After we finished eating it began to rain. Our parents ran to the car as Jen, Roger and I stood in the rain and played on the wet playground. The rain continued but eventually our parents made us get back in the car so we all listened. We were on our way home at about five o’ clock. We did the same puppet show that we did at the begging only this time our parents told us to stop because we were blocking the window. I looked out my window to see the rain dancing down my window and the other drops jumping on the car roof. As I listened to the water drops I slowly began to fall asleep. When I woke up all I heard were my friends talking and laughing and our moms in a conversation. I was still a little tired but I began to open the door to see if it was still raining. The rain didn’t stop so I asked my friends and our moms if we could go out and play in the rain. They said no but we opened the door and just looked at the rain.┬áThis was my favorite sorta rainy day.


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