Elco’s Game Against Taft

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On February 1 2019 El Camino High school’s soccer teams had a game against Taft. I walked over to El Camino after school and well I pretty much watched them all. They all did an amazing job.

The first team to play was the Varsity girls. They got a yellow card on the first half. When it came to a corner kick they hurt one of the Taft girls really bad. The ref didn’t even see her so he didn’t blow the whistle. Meanwhile the El Camino made a goal. At this point the ref finally noticed the girl on the floor. The coach from Taft got really mad and started screaming at the ref for not noticing. The coach kicked a ball in the air and was asking the girl on the floor if she was ok. After that they helped the girl off the field as she limped back to the benches. At this point the score was 1 to 0. The Taft coach got really mad and he decided to end the game there.

Then it was time for the Junior Varsity girls to play. This game was a game to remember just because it was that great. The first half they had made 3 goals. On every goal they made they would make a huge circle and celebrating with the whole team. The Taft team was pretty stressed since they have missed all their shots they had. By the time first half was over I ran to the field and collected all the balls and placed them near the goal. This kept me entertained for a while. Both teams made a circle kneeling down and talking about their plays. The El Camino girls were ready and they started talking more and helping each other. The Taft weren’t as ready as they were. The final scores of this game was 8 to 0.

Next up were the junior varsity boys. They had a pretty good game as well. The El Camino boys had a lot of shots but the keeper from Taft was pretty good. Taft boys also had a lot of chances but our keeper did an amazing job at keeping them out. First half there was a lot of body to body and most boys from both teams ended up tumbling on the floor like tumble weeds. It took a while before The El Camino boys made there first goal. They all were so happy that they started to cheer and they hugged each other as well. They took a break since first half was over. The teams began to discuss about the new plays they had in mind. Later on the second half the El Camino boys made another goal. There was only five minutes left and they were all cheering hoping that another goal was going to be made. The game had ended and the final score was 2 to 0. The whole crowd of El Camino started running down the benches to hug their son/friend. It was starting to drizzle so that meant that the last ones to play will have to play in the rain.

Varsity boys were up but before they played they acknowledged the seniors that played on the team. There were only eleven boys that were seniors and one of them was my brother. When they are seniors they get to play the whole entire game. The Junior Varsity boys and the Varsity boys who weren’t seniors made two lines and faced forward and they patted them on the back when the seniors passed through. Once they reached the end they gave them each flowers. Then the team posed for pictures with the coaches and their family or parent. After all this it was game time. This game was also a very good game. The El Camino boys communicated with each other a lot. They had many shots the first half but they only managed to make 2 that first half. They were really happy that they had made 2 goals but they didn’t know how mad the Taft team was. The Taft team started playing more aggressive so El Camino had to up there game as well. The first half was over and Taft still couldn’t make a goal. Taft must have had a motivational talk during break because when they got back on the field they managed to make 1 goal. It was still drizzling, but it was getting harder. El Camino still didn’t loose hope. They kept bringing the ball up and kept trying to shoot  more and they made 2 more goals. They were all happy and at this point there was only 9 more minutes left of the rest of the game. The rain power continued to increase and the boys were getting tired. The game finished and they ended up 4 to 1. Looks like El Camino won all there game that day.


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