What to order at Starbucks

Since I have already done an article on what to order at Mcdonalds and what to order at Taco Bell then I was like why not just do a what to order at Starbucks. I’m going to be completely honest I really don’t go to Starbucks that much. don’t get me wrong I think Starbucks is really good and all but it’s not something that I would want to have every day. That might sound really weird but in my opinion, some stuff at Starbucks is way overpriced and unless you can afford it I don’t think someone should be getting a drink for $4-$7 every day. Anyways that’s not what this article is about. So let me just get started on what you should order from Starbucks

1. Caramel frappucino

I know that you are probably thinking wow this is absolutely the most basic drink. I know, I know that it’s really basic but just because its basic does not mean that it is a bad drink. When I get this drink I usually ask for extra caramel. The weird thing is that some Starbucks locations make me pay for extra caramel and some don’t. Like some just say oh its fine its just caramel and some say that will be an extra 30 cents. I just thought that that was interesting. According to starbucks.com, the caramel frappucino’s main ingredients are coffee, ice, milk, and syrup. Overall I really recommend this drink.

2. Mango dragonfruit refresher

I do still think that this drink is basic but not as basic as the caramel frappucino. The first time I ever tried this drink was when my friend got it and I asked her if I could try it I instantly fell in love with the drink. It has the perfect amount of both sweet and sour and it makes for a perfect refresher even has little pieces of dragonfruit in the drink. I feel like this drink is so worth it when you’re in the mood for a refresher because you know you’re not always in the mood for a refresher but when you are this is the perfect solution

3.Butterbeer frappucino

ok so, in my opinion, the butterbeer tastes almost exactly the same as butterbeer the only difference in their ingredients is that butterbeer has toffee syrup instead of caramel syrup. So if you’re in a frappucino mood I definitely recommend this drink. The first time I got this drink I was with my friend and she forced me to get it saying that I would like it and she was right. according to google if you want your drink that taste like a pump of cinnamon. When I tried the drink I am pretty sure that it didn’t have any pumps of cinnamon because I wasn’t very familiar with people saying that cinnamon makes your drink spicier. Overall am I glad that my friend forced me to try the drink. Yes, I’m very glad the drink was amazing and that’s all I have to say.