Pointless and Crazy Inventions.

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Nowadays, people will make or do anything for money. Including inventions that don’t make sense or have no use, such as air conditioned shoes. Hydro Tech, the company that spent money and time making these shoes, made shoes that keep your feet cold. In reality, anybody can make these shoes by putting holes on the bottom, because that is exactly what these shoes are. However, it seems that Hydro Tech missed a bunch of important details that could make these shoes dangerous. I never thought I will say this, but shoes can actually be dangerous especially Hydro Tech shoes. The purpose of these shoes is to keep your feet cold no matter what the weather is. However, if the feet is in a cold environment for too long, it can cause cramps. Also, you can step on any sharp object which could go right into your sole. Especially since they shoes have holes, they are not very protective or even safe. I think that if the shoes didn’t have holes if it would have made more sense, but since they do anyone can make their own.

Another pointless invention that exists are buttersticks. In case you can’t figure out what this product is based on its name, it is a stick of butter. Similar to a glue stick except it is made out of butter. Sometimes this might be useful to those who have a hard time while spreading butter into a piece of bread. However, a lot of people including myself, believe that it is a nasty idea. This might make a lot guests or people uncomfortable at the dinner table. I guess that this idea is not completely pointless, but it’s absolutely crazy.

If you hate getting your shoes wet, this next invention might the perfect one for you. This invention, exactly like the first one I mentioned, has something to do with shoes. Shoe umbrellas exist and it is insane! It doesn’t make sense at all. Regular umbrellas can also cover your shoes. Even if you purchased this it wouldn’t cover your entire shoes because the bottom of the shoes will get wet. You might also want to consider that it can be totally embarrassing walking around with tiny umbrellas dangling around your shoes. Not to mention, what if it rains really hard? I don’t think these umbrellas are very strong, resistant, or good quality.

The next invention is the worst one by far in my opinion. Why will anyone want to invent a head mounted toilet paper dispenser. I have no idea what the people that created this were thinking. This product is a toilet paper on top of your head. In case, you need to sneeze or need a tissue, you have plenty on top of your head. If you are sick or have allergies, you can always carry tissues in you pockets. I just don’t understand why will you want to wear a toilet paper roll on your head in public.

Those are some invention that actually exist, that I think are useless or not very productive.

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