Favorite Disneyland Rides

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I really couldn’t decide what to write for my article this week, so I thought about it and thought about it some more and thought which Disneyland ride people liked the best and why. These are the responses I received:

1.) Space Mountain because it’s dark, so you can’t see anything which makes it cooler. It’s also a fast ride so it was really exciting.

2.) Any rides for toddlers because I would have the time of my life on those.

3.) The Dumbo Ride because it’s childish and brings back awesome memories.

4.) The Incredibles Ride because of the loop.

5.) Matterhorn because you don’t know which boat you are going on so its really exciting at the end and theres an animatronic furry dude which adds a nice touch to the ride.

6.) Space Mountain because it’s fun.

7.) Indiana Jones Adventures because it’s fun and there’s twist and turns which are cool.

8.) Splash Mountain because I like the animals.

9.) It’s A Small World Ride because it reminds me of my childhood.

10.) Thunder Mountain because I like fast rides.

11.) Indiana Jones Adventures because it’s cool and I like the animatronics.

12.) The Haunted Mansion because of the cool music and the things around it.

13.) The Alice in Wonderland Teacup Ride because it reminds of when I was 6 years old.

14.) Thunder Mountain Railroad because it’s fast and I like the scenery.

15.) Splash Mountain because I get wet and it takes funny photos.

My opinion: I liked multiple rides in Disneyland, so it’s very hard to choose, but I think that my absolute favorite is the Jungle Cruise (not sure if this would count as a ride, but that’s okay) because I like seeing all the animals and the scenery. It felt like we were on an actual cruise in the Jungle.


Since I haven’t reached the 500 word limit, I’m going to write about Disneyland, for those who haven’t been.

First of all, Disneyland is known as the happiest place on Earth and is a theme park in Anaheim, California. There are multiple rides and attractions there with multiple Disney characters (such as Mickey Mouse and friends). Many people have different opinions on the rides there and not that many people can figure out which ride is the best there because they are all the best. Personally, I like the fast “big kid” rides.

I decided to look it up to see which ride people like the best. According to tripsavvy.com, Haunted Mansion is the top ride. This features 999 ghosts and is ranked the best ride of the holiday season due to the “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme. Pirates of the Caribbean is the second best ride, featuring a quiet boat ride that turns into “pirate raid” with cannon blasts and gun shots. The 3rd best ride in Disneyland is Space Mountain. It is an indoor ride that makes you feel like you are flying through the universe. Star Tours is the 4th best ride due to the Star Wars theme and the 3D effects. Indiana Jones Adventures is 5th on the list. You go around the Temple of the Forbidden Eye on a “jungle transport” vehicle.

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