The Flash Season 5 episode 12 “MEMORABILIA”

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When I went home yesterday, I went to CW (on my tv that has a firestick) and watched the episode” MEMORABILIA”. When the show started it had a recap that told us was has been happening like when Cicada tried to kill the metahumans. Then the show started but they had to figure out a way to wake Grace so then Flash said we have to take a break so they went to an ice rink. So then they went and played they had fun! Then Sherloqe said let us get to business. So then they went to star labs. Sherloqe beat them there them he had something under a tarp, Then Sheloqe pulled it down then there was a machine.

Then Sherloqe explained that it was a machine that puts someone into someone’s mind but you have to go in pairs because if you don’t you can be brain dead on the other side. So then Sherloqe new that if you go in someone’s memories that you can see other peoples memories too. So he volunteered Nora because she said she had nothing to hide then Barry would go too. So then the team went out to get dinner and coffee at” JITTER’S”.

So then Nora was scared that they would find out her secret. So then She turned the machine on and went into Grace’s mind. when she went into Grace’s mind she saw the police talking and grace sitting on the bench. so then Nora went to go comfort her. Then Grace said that the metas killed her Mother and Father. So then she was going to take Grace back to the Mortal world so she can wake up.

Then back at star labs Sherloqe and Catlin found Nora hooked up to the machine. So then Barry and Iris had to go in Grace’s mind to save Nora because Grace’s mind was defending her self because it thought that Nora was a threat. But when they were hooked up to the machine The went into Nora’s Mind instead of Graces Mind.

Back in Grace’s mind, Nora saw to portal close that was connected to the machine. So then she had to find where it went so she told her to take her to another memory so she took her to her uncle’s house. So she looked around and told Grace to take her to the last the thing she remembers. So then they went to the hospital were grace was in the patient bed. Then Nora said what how is this possible she is in a coma then Grace said I listen though.

Back in Noras Memories, she was at current day star labs but in the future the Flash museum. She ran away there then she went to the hall of villains were Cicada is back and killed so many more people. So when Iris came to young Nora she came to her all angry and yelled her present-day Iris felt bad and said she would never want to be like that to Nora.

Then when they went to the call center because Sherloqe called them and told her that Nora’s brain was going to kill them then the reverse flash costume came alive and started to attack them But then they told them that the portal was a fake memory was the Barry said it was probably the memory that when Iris was yelling at Nora.

Then back in Grace’s mind, Sheloqe told Nora what they told Barry and Iris so then Cicada was the one fighting Nora then she got a knife and stabbed Cicada but then a girl version if Cicada came but then Barry and Iris came and knocked out The girl cicada and Nora said to just leave Grace then when they woke up they said that Grace had a little piece of meta tech in her skull.

That’s all hoped you enjoyed see you next week.

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