Mega man 11

Mega man 11 is the newest game in the mega man series and has the best graphics two. Mega man is a side scrolling action platformer. The game is available on Nintendo switch, and play station 4. The newest mechanic added is the double gear ability with it you can slow down time or shoot with more power.

You start with 9 stages you can play in any order but some are harder than others and some are only ok when you use a item So plan how you want to Play carefully. What you can do to make the game easier is to get items from doctor light’s lab. There is a upgrade you can get to get lots of screws wich are the currency in the game. This upgrade will get you a lot of money really quickly. Also you should buy beats, and the different tanks to replenish Erergy your health and weapon how many times you can use your abilities. The bosses in dis game are brick man, acid man, blast man, electric man, bounce man, torch man, impact man, and tundra man. After you beat a stage you can replay it. You only have three try’s each stage So make sure to buy extra lives. There are save points in the stages but if you lose all your lives you need to start the entire stage

In Mega man there are a lot of things that you might not figure out. One of these things is a mega shoot to do this hold the shoot button and wait until it’s done charging. You can also slide hold Down the movement button and press the jump button.

After you beat all the bosses you unlock four more stages that are part of doctor Willy’s lab. These stages also have bosses. There is the yellow devil, mawverene, boss gauntlet, and Willy machine version 1 and version 2.

All the different items you can get are 1-ups the extra lives, energy tank, weapon tanks, and mystery tanks that refill energy and weapon gauges, super guard makes you take half Damage until you die, eddie a robot that gives you random items, beats a bird that saves you from falling into a pit, and pierce protector a item that makes sure spikes don’t kill you instantly. You can also buy parts which are the upgrades in this game. There is energy balancer that automatically recharges the weapon with the least energy if you pick up a weapon capsule, energy balancer neo that recharges all the weapon gauges at the same time, auto charge chip charges the mega shoot by itself, buster plus chip makes the mega shoot bigger so can hit more things at once, power shield lessens the amount of knockback you take, spike boots makes you less likely to slip on ice, shock absorber makes you take less recoil from the mega shoot, speed gear booster makes you able to move at normal speed during speed gear, energy Dispenser an item that makes you have the ace in the hole double gear technique but makes you have barely any energy, bolt cacher makes enemy’s drop bolts more frequently, energy Catcher makes energy drop more frequently from enemies, cooling system provides more efficient heat removal so the gear gauges recharge faster, mystery chip provides a special bonus appear when you finish a stage quickly, buddy call plus increases the number of Eddie and beat calls you can buy, and the tank container increases the number of tanks you can buy.