My Top 5 Favorite Bands of January

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My Top 5 Favorite Bands of January

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For me, January has been a particularly stressful month. However, the more stressed I am, the more music I listen to. This month i’ve spent 27 hours on spotify, so here’s what the best of what I’ve been listening to.

5. Surf Curse 

I’ve been a fan of Surf Curse since my (very awful) indie rock phase that I went through about a year ago. I completely forgot about their existence until earlier this month when I stumbled upon the song “Haunt Me”. For a ridiculously cliche indie surf rock band, I think they’re pretty great. However, a lot of their songs sound almost exactly the same, so I couldn’t put them higher up on the list.

Best Song: Freaks 

4. Skeggs

Again, another indie band that I’ve just very recently gotten back into. Yes, the do sound exactly like the soundtrack to every teen movie ever, but I kind of actually like that about them. They bring me back to a time where I was a lot more carefree, which is something that a lot of indie bands are really good at, but I think it shines a lot more with Skeggs.

Best Song: Spring Has Sprung

3. Mindless Self Indulgence 

I’ve been a fan of MSI since the 3rd grade but recently, I’ve gotten a lot more into them than ever before. I listened to their entire discography (which took me forever) just the other week. I’m not a huge fan of their later albums, but their 90’s- 2009 stuff is really great. They’re incredibly punk (and they look ridiculous) but I somehow find it cool how weird they are. However, they are quite controversial and hated by a a pretty large group of people, which is understandable. They’re very unique, and you either love them or despise them.

Best Song: Shut Me Up

2. Peach Pit

Another indie band, and I’m not ashamed of it. They’re genuinely one of my favorite bands of all time. They make me want to go out and start a band of my own. Neil Smith’s vocals remind me a lot of Michael Cera’s but better, obviously. I really enjoy how diverse they are. They can go from happy, upbeat, exciting indie rock to melancholic, almost folk-y stuff. They’re definitely worth a listen.

Best Song: Tommy’s Party

1. Bloodhound Gang

They’ve been my favorite band for the past four months. I’m completely obsessed with them. Jimmy Pop is one of the most clever songwriters of our generation. I’ve never heard a bad song from them. Even if the song is musically underwhelming, it usually still has some very funny lyrics. It’s very sad to me that they’re only known for The Bad Touch, which is my least favorite songs of theirs. They appeal to so many different audiences, with their earlier album “Use Your Fingers” appealing to hip-hop fans, and their later album, “Hefty Fine” appealing to alt-rock fans. Also, I may or may not have a massive crush on Evil Jared.

Best Songs: Mope, Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss, and Ralph Wiggum

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