Headphones On Part 3

This is part three of a story. If you want to check out Part 1 here it is:  https://thehaletelescope.com/26481/fiction/headphones-on/

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Right when my fist touched the door I knew something was wrong. I knocked once and didn’t get a response. Right when I was about to knock again, my phone had gotten a text message. I rushed to get my phone out of my jacket but struggled. I finally, successfully, got my phone out of my jacket and quickly opened it. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I was really confused because he hadn’t texted me in over two hours, I think. I immediately texted back.

Those words were the only ones that came to mind. I was so shocked. While he was telling me to NOT go to his house, I was texting him back trying to get information about what was going on, at his doorstep.
This didn’t seem like something he would say, or do!

Okay, NOW he was acting REALLY weird. I had no idea what had gotten into him! Why was he acting this way? We’re supposed to be best friends! Not someone that you basically kick out of your house without even being inside. I texted him again but it didn’t sound like the Luis that I knew.

I knew that whoever was writing for Luis wouldn’t know this. Unless they had him kidnapped and forcing him to tell them how we met. I doubt that though. I was still at the doorstep of his house but I had backed away a little bit. I started to become scared. I had no idea what was going on with Luis and I wanted to find out, obviously, I just wasn’t sure what was going to happen.
Maybe he was kidnapped and being tortured or something. But what if he wasn’t alive at all? I couldn’t bare to think about that.
When I read this text, my heart dropped. It was now about seven pm so I knew that my mom had gotten home. I quickly grabbed my skateboard and got the heck out of there. I rode all the way back to my house with one thought in my head:
I need to find and help Luis.
While I was riding, I got another text message. I hadn’t answered to the last message.

I knew that whoever had something to do with this could definitely catch up to me. I’m only a teenager on a skateboard. I could even run faster than my skateboard is going right now. I knew that Luis wouldn’t be the one to come downstairs. I knew the only person who would come downstairs is the person who has Luis. I didn’t even think about his parents. Maybe they’re dead. Hopefully. Maybe they’re at work. I shouldn’t be worrying about his parents right now. I need to focus on getting home safely and locking all the doors.
I finally get home and tell my mom EVERYTHING that has been happening. While I tell her, I run to ALL the doors and windows in the house and lock them. When I finish my locking process, I’m still not done telling her EVERYTHING that was happening. So, I go back and check all the windows and doors again to see if they’re actually locked. After I finish telling her she says, “Oh my gosh, this is crazy!”
Then she says, “Are you sure that it’s not Luis?”
“Yes! I’m about one hundred percent positive that it’s not Luis,” I tell her.
“Even if I’m wrong, there’s no harm in telling the police or something,” I add.
I was nervous about telling her about talking to the police but she didn’t react so I knew that was an option.
Five minutes had passed of no talking and the only new noise was my phone dinging.