Bean Water vs. Leaf Water

Yo whats good. Its me back at it again with another food article (who would have thought). Well this week we got something particularly interesting. I will be talking about the biggest debate in my friend group, Bean water (coffee) versus Leaf water (tea). Now let me start by saying these are all my opinions, and while all of yours may be wrong, I am here to speak mine. And to get one thing straight, I like both forms of “water” very much. Okay this is me from the future. As I was writing this article I realized there is really no clear winner because I love these waters very much.

 Bean Water Flavors: Even though it might seem like there is not many bean flavors for your bean water, there is a plethora. And I will tell you some of my favorites. Let us start off with a great one from philz coffee, it is called the Tesora Blend. It’s basically chocolate infused coffee beans. So it taste great. If you are looking for something with more of a caramel flavor, you can get the Counter Culture Coffee “Big Trouble” flavor. It offers more of a caramel, and nutty flavor to it. Oh and last but certainly not least we have “Black Gold from a coffee shop ground work, which has such a nice powerful, but at the same time a sweet flavor that you can even drink it without any milk, or creamer in it.

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Leaf Water Flavors: Okay, so like coffee, tea has a lot of different flavors to choose from. And I like a bunch of them, but i’ll only go over three. First off, lets get to the most basic of teas that I am into. English breakfast is great for more of a chill day, when you’re feeling a little mellow, and you don’t really want to do anything. And the addition of milk gives the tea more of a homey kind of feel. Number two, we have a little more interesting tea option, mango black tea. If you want a classic tea flavor with a little bit of a twist, then this would be the perfect bitter sweet combination. And last but certainly not least, we have my personal favorite, Jasmine tea. It is the most amazing tea ever because its just so light, and has a green tea kind of flavor with a little bit of a “flower smelling” flavor (I know its a stretch). Image result for jasmine tea

How bean water makes you feel: Next up on our competition, we have how coffee would make you feel every single day if you were to drink it in the morning. And I am not talking about the effects of it (like caffeine, bathroom time, etc.) But I’m trying to see how it would make you feel when you were drinking it instead of tea. Well, you would feel like a dope human being, you would feel like you’re finally growing up. And every time you are a little late, you can blame it on “Oh I’m sorry I was just on my coffee run”. And you can look really great walking into an office, school, and home holding a cup o Joe. Image result for stock photo of someone drinking coffee

How leaf water makes you feel: Okay, so now lets get to how tea would make you feel when you would have it every single day. Every single time you drink tea, you would just get a sense of happiness that nothing else in the entire world could give to you. It brings you up when you’re down. And if anyone wants to argue with that fact they’re wrong. You feel so strongly about tea that nothing can change your mind that it is the best beverage in the entire world. It can be drunk hot, cold, even room temperature and it would taste perfect.Image result for stock photo of someone drinking tea

The effects of Bean Water: Okay, we have gone over how coffee makes you feel. But now its time to talk about the way it will effect you. The first time you drink it, you may experience a weird feeling of wanting to literally do anything and everything (unless you get decaf, which is recommended if you’re young). This will slowly start to build up if you drink caffeine every day. But, if you drink it only when needed, it can really give you the boost you need to do whatever task you want to get through. Also, it is literally a laxative, so be near a toilet if you’re drinking it for the first time, and it has that effect you.Image result for coffee

The effects of Leaf Water: So, now on to the final stretch. Let us talk about what tea could possibly do to your body. Tea is known to boost exercise endurance, (so if you’re gonna work out, drink tea). And it is also known to reduce the chances of heart attacks. But let’s talk about how it would effect your body on the daily. Making you oh so warm on a cold day is nice, but if you don’t like the taste of coffee, you can get caffeinated tea that should work (even though I haven’t seen it really work). But other than helping with type 2 diabetes, radiation recovery, counteracting some negative effects of smoking, and just general body hydration, it doesn’t do much.  Image result for teaConclusion: Okay, now talking about which one is better than the either would be fun. But I’m here to give a realistic reason as to why both of these are great types of water. While bean water can give you a lot of energy, and great flavors that can customize it with. Tea water is great for a chill day, where you can just relax, and have a type of water that just makes you feel nice. So, both are great, you should totally try both.