My visit to London

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Our flight to London was about 10 hours. My parents and I got up early, but not early for me because I was up almost the whole night because I was so excited. The subway ride from the London airport to the hotel was about a one and a half  hour ride. It was really smelly and gross.We ate dinner for London but lunch for us because London is an eight hour difference.  It was really hard for me to fall asleep that night for two reasons, I was so excited for what the next 10 days would bring us and also because of the time change.

Our hotel was really small because European hotels are really small. I don’t know why but that’s just the way they are. The hotel was really comfortable in size wise. My bed was right next to the window, it was so nice, every morning I would look out at the beautiful scenery. Sometimes it was raining sometimes it wasn’t. The scenery was basically just really old buildings and banks. Almost every day we would eat at the hotel restaurant for breakfast. It was really good, you could either have the buffet or order something from the regular menu.

The first day we didn’t really know what to do because we just got there. There was a tea place right down the street from our hotel, so we decided to go there for our first real meal in London. It was really good, we had scones and peppermint tea. After that we walked down some streets to know what was around us so, we knew for the next days.

The whole time we were there we sight seed. Here are the some of the highlights we saw.

My favorite thing out of everything we saw was Windsor Castle because I just thought it was really cool when I saw all and I mean all of the coat of arms that all of the English clans created. There were hundreds of English clans surprisingly. I saw the queens doll house that she had from when she was younger. It took up a whole room including all of her dolls and accessories in big glass boxes. I also saw the British museum, where I got lost from my dad. I asked a lady to use her phone call my dad, then my dad yelled my name and told me that if I did call him it might have made the lady pay a fee on her phone for calling a US number. Which I didn’t want that to happen to the innocent lady, who I didn’t know. The second to the last day we went to go see the London eye. The London Eye basically a big Fares-wheel with capsules big enough to hold about 20 people. It over looked some of London. Big Ben is also really big part of London. The bell that rings inside is nicknamed  Big Ben and that’s where it got it’s name. It was under construction when I saw it, so I have to go back at some point in my life to here it ring.

Overall it was a really fun experience and journey. I would love to go back any day!



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