Being a Soccer Player

My thinking of being a soccer player is really lucky. I think it is really lucky because lets say if your Ronaldo you get a lot of money. For instance Ronaldo makes 80 million dollars a year. You can buy a huge mansion and basically buy whatever you want and people serve you food without you making and just play one sport. In soccer games it is really difficult you can get injured really bad and not play for a whole season maybe sometimes forever. Good part that you can make a bunch of money because other teams want to buy you off another team if you are really good at soccer. Neymar got 120 million dollars because Paris bought him and Juventus bought Ronaldo for a lot of money from Real Madrid. In order to make a huge amount like Ronaldo you must be one of the best players in the world. If your good you can get sponsored from a company like Ronaldo got sponsored by Nike and Nike gives him money after every shoe someone buys of his. Nike sends you free cloths, shoes, pants, and other accessories. Every goal you make per a game is thousands of dollars.

You can score like three goals in one game if your like Ronaldo and really goal. An average Soccer player gets around 9 million dollars a year and they get 160 thousand dollars a week. That is just an average soccer player. Ronaldo gets around  2 thousand dollars a second every year he gets 90 million dollars. There are people who get 2 thousand dollars every year. So its an insane amount. The reason he gets this amount every second because he is sponsored so people buy his shoes and his cloths around the whole world. That’s insane amount of money. He even get more money from his commercials and he has his own perfume which is even more money per second.

You basically live your life without worrying about bills and everything. They can kind of get whatever they want to buy. The number 1 rule about soccer is you got to train work hard everyday, practice shooting, work out for at least two hours. You have soccer practice everyday, you got to eat healthy, and try your best to become better at soccer. If you don’t do all that you can become fat and not be able to run as fast. So the number 1 thing is to try your best. It is really important to get exercise when your a really good player even if your the worst you still need exercise so you can get better.  The more exercise the stronger you are and the faster you are. In soccer you need to be aggressive to be able to steal the ball from other opponents.  You have to train a lot to get harder shots so the ball would go faster. Its not just about how strong you need to know skills and good aim. That’s my thinking of being a soccer player.