My Trip to Israel

My trip to Israel was very funny and interesting. Almost every summer my family and I  go to Israel to visit my other relatives. My flight was at 3 am so we had to wake up really early. On our way to the airport we were all tired and I fell asleep in the car. When we got there our flight was about to go so we had to run. We all ran but than we realized we were missing someone and than we look back and my sister was sleeping on the chair. We quickly woke her up and barely made it to the flight.

Our flight luck is the worst. Not only did I have a little kid who wined the whole trip behind me but there was a lady literally two seats away from me who could not keep their baby in control. The whole flight. He cried every two seconds but finally we landed. We weren’t at Israel though we were at Canada on the bench waiting for our flight. As we heard “the flight to Israel has been delayed for two hours” my mom got really mad but me and my sisters were laughing because how mad she got. So we decided to get food to kill the time.

We ordered an uber and when we got in the car the driver was acting pretty strange. He was quiet the whole time and if we tried to start a conversation he would just keep driving in silence but that didn’t really affect us. When we got to the restaurant it says there is a 30 m minute wait so again we had to find a thing to do to kill the time so we went on a walk. When we got back to the restaurant our table was ready so we sat down and waited for our waiter.

So we ordered our food and headed back to the airport but again we were late but we ran and again barely made it on time. When we got to the plane I fell straight to sleep and when I woke up there was only two hour left on the flight. I decided to watch a movie and when the movie was over we finally landed and there our family was waiting for us at the front door.

They drove us to my grandmas house and we all went straight to sleep.When we woke up we met up with my friend and his family at a restaurant. We were eating really cultural food that I had never tasted it  After we ate we went to this fun water park. But there was a catch, it wasn’t a regular waterpark. It was a wipeout course which means there were like rubber obstacles that you have to try to get across and if you fail you fall in the water. I had a really good time and my friends older brother punched me right when I jumped on the trampoline and I flew. I had a great time with my family.