I walk into my room and slam the door behind me. Of course, I should have known. I shouldn’t have been naive enough to think that this would work out. She had to ruin this for me. Like she always does. I shouldn’t have thought that just because I have a new, good person in my life, that I don’t have to worry about her. Her, my enemy, the one person that I would do anything just to see her get what she gives to the world. I would give my life to see her get the karma she deserves. I would give my life to see her admitting all of her lies, cheats, and rumors that she has spread. I would do anything to see Britney wrong. But once again, she fooled everyone around me to think that I’m the bad guy. Maybe I did go too far, but bottom line is that she’s gone too far. Multiple times. And I’m sick of it. What she does to her friends, is considered bullying. Because this girl is a fake. A complete and utter fake.

One week ago…

I walk down the halls with my friends: Britney, Carly, Vanessa, and Eliza. Of course only three of them were actually my friends. Britney was the type of girl that everyone thinks is annoying and really rude but everyone tries to get her to like you. Not me. I don’t try to get her to like me like everyone else because I’m not under her spell. Everyone thinks being her friend is cool and they think that her selfishness and lying is just a small side effect. But it’s not. It’s all of her. She’s a jealous, lying, selfish teenage girl who thinks she’s in charge of everyone around her. She’s not, everyone just thinks of her as someone who can ruin your life when she really can’t. I became popular all by myself and I didn’t need her. The only everyone can stand to be her friend is because she’s popular. And the only reason she’s popular is because she hung out with popular kids long enough to be considered their friends. And now the only reason everyone is trying to do the same thing with her is because it worked for her.

When we walk into the house everyone looks at us. Britney’s boyfriend Andrew gave her a disgusting-to-look-at kiss on the lips and all three of us looked away. They finally came up for air and Andrew looked at us. “Hey girls,” he looks at me a second longer than everyone else. Then kisses Britney again. He does that every time. Trying to make me jealous.

Andrew and I used to date, and then Harper went after him. They’ve been together for three months, I still don’t think Andrew is over me.

“Let’s go get some drinks,” he says to Harper slipping a hand around her waist.

“Okay,” she smiled at us and then disappeared into the crowd.

I was never a fan of parties. Especially the ones we go to in high school. They’re all filled with a bunch of drunk idiots and desperate girls. Everyone gets home at three, having kissed a boy the night before, and thinking that it was magical. Thinking that he likes you. When really? He most likely doesn’t even remember because he was so wasted. At least that’s how Andrew and I met. The only difference was that he actually liked me.