Why I’m always hungry

Alright, whats good. I am back at it again with another food article because they make me oh so happy. Don’t question it, alright? Anyways, I have the tendency to be hungry, and eat food a little more than the average human being. It doesn’t really help that my metabolism is faster than Speedy Gonzalis. But why? You might ask, why are you so hungry all the time? Do you not eat? Do you under eat? Are you not satisfied with the food you eat? Well, here are some answers.

  1. I browse Instagram food pages way too much: Okay, if you have had Instagram for more than 2 days then you would know what the mighty ‘explore’ page is. And it is honestly a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can find funny wholesome memes, but on the other hand then you will come across the incredibly addicting food section of the tab. Everything from juicy steak, to mouth watering burgers, or amazing looking giant soup dumplings. I would get lost for hours on pages like Tasty, Steak Videos, Food insider, or dennistheprescot. And I know it makes me hungry, that is why I do it for the most part, but its like one of those “once you start you can’t stop” sort of things. Image result for mouth watering steak
  2. BuzzFeed Tasty will be the death of me: For the most part, Instagram take my food watching life. But we cant not include Youtube, and more specifically, Tasty. If you have ever seen those cooking videos with the over head camera shots, and fast paced tutorials on how to make the hard meals you would have at restaurants, then that’s Tasty. They have everything from the giant soup dumpling, omelet bagels, to puff pastry hot dog bites with chili. Yes, you read that correctly. Oh and don’t even get me started on the Tasty Queen, Rie. She is the one and only person that will make iconic Japanese food, and say “Ocoptopuse Shaped Weenar” with the upmost grace. She is the creator of the all mighty soup dumpling, and the mother, and friend figure that everyone needs in Tasty.Image result for buzzfeed tasty recipes
  3. Food Network is the God I have but don’t deserve:  Before I had Instagram, or Youtube, I had Food Network on channel 332. I had Rachel Ray explaining how to make great spaghetti bolongese. Or Alton Brown telling me how to improve family meals in “Good Eats”. To Iron Chef America, where there would be some of the best chefs in the country competing against the already chosen iron chefs. But my personal favorite was Chopped. In this show there would be 4 contestants, and they would have to compete in 3 rounds of this competition. Appetizer, Entree, and Desert. But there is a catch. Each round they would get a mystery basket with random components like grape soda, chicken heart, tangerines, and they would have to incorporate all of those into the dish. So it would lead to some very interesting dishes. Especially when they would get a type of meat in the desert, and would make something that I would shove in my mouth hole. Image result for food network chopped