The Girl That Got Powers

There was once a girl that was born in a small mysterious town. She grew up like a regular kid. But the time she turned 12 she found out she was adopted, and that she came from space and that her parents found her in the forest abandoned with a note that said ” Dear stranger I hope you take care of this kid, and that you will give her a better life…..” and one secret that she has is that she has powers and that you should only tell her when she is 16.

But when she was 12 she only found out that she was adopted but now she is 16 and her parents thought they should tell her. When she found out that she has powers she tried to see what she can do. But then her parents remembered that the note said in order to get her powers she must fall in love.

So she left home to travel the world and fall in love. So when she left she bumped into a caterpillar and when she looked at it then it turned into another person from her planet. Then they started talking and they did fall in love but the powers didn’t appear.

One day she went to his house and found out he was evil and wanted to kill her and her family, and that is the reason why her family brought her to earth, because that evil person wanted to kill her. But he came to earth, so she realized that she was not safe and had to return to her planet. So for 6 years of trying to escape the evil Villon she was working on building a space ship to fly back home.

So when she did she found her family, they were thrilled but they told her that it was still not safe. But her family wanted to help her so before the evil Villon found the planet they created an army and wanted to attack. But when they did defeat the Villon, the Villon said that he would be back. but still after defeating the Villon she was still sad that she didn’t find her true love and that she didn’t get her powers.

But then the evil Villon turned back to a caterpillar and turned into a regular nice person. the girl fell in love immediately. And then she new that that was her true love. Then she started to feel dizzy, and she had butterfly’s in her stomach, and her hands started to glow. She finally found her powers, and she looked at her family and all the people of her true planet with a big smile. And they just stared at her, and she had no clue why because they were staring at her for a while. And she looked down to see what happened and she wore a huge puffy dress, and she touched her hair and felt a crown, she gasped. And everyone started cheering her name. She was the new queen of the kingdom.

The End!!!!!!!!