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Many people currently have or had a pet sometime during their life. Some people even own a whole lot of pets! Around 68% of American households own at least one pet!

There are many reasons why so many people own pets, from wanting protection to just wanting a companion. There are so many different pets you could own, and all of them are amazing! I’ve made a list of my top five favorite pets I have seen or owned:

  1. Fish

If you’re looking for a pet you don’t need to put much time into, you should get a fish! Fish are very easy to care for. You just need to feed them and clean out their cage every once in awhile. There are many different species of fish you could get, such as the goldfish or betta fish. Every species of fish looks super cool.

However, there is a reason that fish are ranked last on this list. There isn’t much a fish could do. You can’t interact with them. All they really do is swim around all day, so you will eventually lose interest of your fish. Also, the majority of fish you could keep as a pet do not live as long as other pets you could keep.

  1. Parrots

Parrots are one of the most beautiful pets you could own! Parrots aren’t just known for their colorful feathers though. Parrots are very good at mimicking sounds, so you could teach your parrot how to say different words. Also, many parrots will have a long lifespan. Some birds have been known to live up to one hundred years!

  1. Cats

According to,  just behind freshwater fish, cats are the second most common pet in the world. There is no surprise cats are so popular. Cats are one of, if not, the most cute animals. There are so many different breeds of cats you could have. Cats are somewhat easy to care for. You could train them to use a litter box. They also are able to groom themselves.

The only downside to having a cat is that they may occasionally scratch up your furniture.

  1. Dogs

My favorite pet has to be dogs.

I love all animals, but I am more of a dog person than I am a cat person. Like cats, dogs are absolutely adorable. You could teach them all kinds of tricks from something as simple as “Sit” and “Stay” to “Shake Hands” or “Play Dead.” Dogs are also very energetic. You could take your dog on a walk, and play fetch with them. Like all the other pets, you will have many choices of which breed of dog you could get. Dogs could range from a small chihuahua to a german shepherd.

However, dogs could sometimes be a little difficult to care for. It may take awhile to potty train them. You also have to wash them every now and then. Most dogs hate water so it will be hard to get them to stay still, and nobody likes the smell of a wet dog.

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