Headphones On Part Two

This is part two of another story. If you want to see the first part, click here:

Headphones On


I had finally written the last word of my essay just as I was starting to get sick of it. It had been about something ancient or something else, I have no idea. I literally just zoned out and didn’t pay any attention to what I was writing. When I finished, I turned the music that had been blasting for the past hour, off. I got up and went downstairs. My phone had been a lot of text messages but I didn’t want to have to get up and go to my phone. So now that I have opened my phone, I had about twenty text messages. They looked like this:

Yeah, if you had scrolled up you would see about fifteen more messages.
Then it kept going on:

I wanted to hang out with him. My mom wasn’t here to annoy me and I was also in a better mood because of the music.

I told him that he could come over because I felt bad. I hadn’t hung out with him in so long and I think he was starting to feel sad. I obviously didn’t want him to feel that way so I just agreed to our hang out session. If that’s what you call it.
An hour had passed and he still wasn’t here. I kind of started getting worried because his house is about five or ten minutes away from my house. Instead of worrying too much, I texted him again.
Okay, NOW I was worried. He always answers his text messages. I wanted to text his mom but I had deleted her phone number last year. I bet my mom has it though.
This is basically what all of my conversations with my mom look like. Luis is nowhere to be seen, or known, my mom is technically ignoring me and not listening to me, and that’s basically it. But it’s still really overwhelming. I had finally gotten a text message. I jumped across the couch to get to it but it wasn’t Luis.

What?? That just doesn’t make any sense. Lunch? It was almost six pm. Basically time for DINNER, not lunch!
Anyways, ignoring that, I had to leave the house. Maybe even go to HIS house. I just couldn’t sit there not doing anything.
I put on my favorite hoodie, grabbed my skateboard, and left the house behind. I went to the right and kept skating down that road for a while. I had my headphones on trying, once again, to tune out the world. I couldn’t stop thinking about Luis, though. I mean what if he had done something to himself? I couldn’t stand to live without him. Even though I didn’t have a crush on me, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I mean what if I DID date him? Would it be so bad? We HAVE been friends for about seven years and we have been inseparable since.
While I had been thinking about all that, I had forgotten to turn left at the curb. I now had to go back and turn my skateboard to go the right way. I kept skating for a long time until I finally got to his house. I got off my skateboard and shakily walked down the path up to the front door. I was going to text him that I was there but I knew that there was going to be no response.
Right when my fist touched the front door, I knew something was wrong.