What to order at McDonalds

Ok so hi again I’m back writing about food, shocker I know right. While I was thinking about to write about I had this amazing idea. Since my last article was about what you should order at Taco bell I thought I would do like sort of a continuation of that by doing what to order at Mcdonalds because I actually really like McDonald’s. I know that it’s not the best for you but I still think its really good. So here is my guide from foods to deserts to drinks on what to order at McDonald’s.

1.Caramel Frappuccino

Ok, so the first time I bought this drink I was actually kind of nervous to try it, yes nervous. I was worried that is was not going to be good and that my $2 was going to go to waste. I know that two dollars isn’t that much money but I still wanted it to taste good. To be completely honest I’m usually very hesitant to try any new drinks other than what I would normally get. Like at Starbucks I get the same thing every single time. Well actually that’s kind of a lie I change it up a bit but the thing is I only switch between drinks that I have tried and Know that I like. Usually, I make my friends try the new drinks before I buy them with my own money. Anyways let’s get back to that drink it’s amazing its so good and it’s very affordable, its only two dollars for the small size. It’s honestly just a great drink and great for hot days.

2. Apple pie

Honestly, words can’t even explain how good the apple pie is. They have different flavors my favorite is apple though I have been eating apple pies for forever like actually forever whenever I would go to McDonald’s I would always ask my mom if I could just get 5 apple pies and no food. She would say no of course but she would always let me get one or two. I would always eat the apple pies before my food and they are just too good. The other day when I went to McDonald’s and  I ordered two apple pies. When I got in the car after getting the food I wanted to eat them so bad, but I wanted to wait till I got home to eat them Spoiler I ate one and ate the other at home

3. Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich

Ok so about this sandwich, I haven’t had it in a long time but I’m still going to put it on the list because it is delicious and deserves a spot on the list. The first time I ever tried this sandwich I was with my friend and she really loves chicken. So she immediately ordered the sandwich and I didn’t know what to order so I just ordered the same thing. When I bit into that sandwich I knew that I was going to be ordering this a lot more often.