Best French Fries

French Fries are a staple of american fast food and almost everyone has had them. There are many different styles flavors and more. Here is the best of the bunch.


McDonald’s fries are classic and what I think of when I think fries. They are so good for being so basic. They are made when Russet Burbank potatoes are cut into slivers. Then sodium acid pyrophosphate is added to color the fries when they are fried, since they get discolored. Then they are cooked in Vegetable Oil to create a taste that is similar to the older oil used, Beef Tallow. Beef Tallow was changed due to a lawsuit of a man who had a heart attack because of the oil. So they changed the recipe and it has stayed the same ever since.  The shape, taste, and texture makes these an instant classic among millions of people.


In-N-Out, the classic California burger joint. They have amazing fries that many people come to California just to try. They are made in the store with the Kennebec variety of potato and cut in the store so they are as fresh as possible. The company’s fries are cooked with 100% cholesterol free sunflower oil. These fries are a staple in many Californian’s lives and will remain on of the best types.


Chick-Fil-A has been around for a while but now is starting to get more exposure due to many events. They started in Atlanta Georgia and now have moved all around. They have the criss-cut fries that are cooked in 100% refined peanut oil and cooked by turning the potatoes a 90″ angle every time they are passed. These are on of my favorite fries for their density and their distinct taste.

Carl’s Jr./ Hardees

Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are two of the most popular fast food joints and they have a very distinct type of fry. They also make a criss-cut fry but add a seasoning to it to make the taste incredible. The oil they are cooked in is a mix of many oils that that are fused with other things. These fries are very good and are very memorable.

Potato Corner 

At Potato Corner you can pick and choose what type of fries you would like and the seasoning you want. They have many types of fries, such as curly fries, criss-cut fries, normal fries, steak fries, and hashbrowns. They use BBQ, Sour Cream n’ Onion, Chili BBQ and Cheddar. I have never had Potato Corner but have heard many great things.


Wendy’s is the fast food restaurant the aspires to be like mom’s cooking. They use Russet potatoes on their fries and fry them in vegetable oil. These fries are very delicious and taste better in my opinion than the others. Also many others have thought these are a classic.

There are so many more french fries that are around the USA that i couldn’t get to. The fast food industry would not be the same without these fries.