The Flash Season 5 episode 11 “SEEING RED”

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When I went home yesterday, I went to CW (on my tv that has a firestick) and watched the episode “SEEING RED.” When the show started it gave us the basic recap and introduction.  Then there is a villain called Cicada and his daughter Grace is in the hospital and he wants to get revenge on the metahumans. So he got this dagger that interferes with the power to make their metahuman abilities to stop working to kill them.

So that was the recap in my version so the episode started with the flash trying to hunt down cicada to defeat them. Then they found out he just wants revenge because one metahuman killed Grace’s mom and dad also they gave grace a concussion. So they have a wake-up grace so then they had a reading that cicada used his dagger. So then they went to get him but then he tried to kill a metahuman when killer frost went and froze him but the metahuman had a wound.

So then they had to bring back Dr.Snow(Catlin Snow) to help the meta. Then cicada broke out of the ice and grabbed his dagger got flashes daughter and broke her back. So then they went back to star labs so then so the can heal Nora(flashes daughter) so then Harrison Sherloqe Wells was interrogating, Nora so then Iris came and told him to stop. Then they just realized that cicada got a document of metas names so then he figured out that a police officer gave it to a doctor and the doctor gave it to Cicada.

Then the gathered all the metas to a little shelter to be taken to a facility. Then cicada found them and flash fought.while they fought Killer Frost came out so she can freeze the dagger but then it was too strong so she gave up.  When that happened  Nora told flash to not kill cicada so he stopped and then cicada used his dagger to get away. So then they went to the helicopter to put the metas on the copter to get to the home base. Then back at star labs, Nora was better so she got in her suit and went to go see her dad. Then Harrison Sherloqe Wells went into the lab to decode Nora’s notebook. Then Killer Frost was scared to disappear because Catlin made a metahuman cure so it won’t just take away Catlin’s power also her alter ego Killer frost.

Then Ralph told her when Devoe hid her from Catlin she tried everything to get Frost back so that made her feel much better. But she was still very unsure about Catlin but they did learn how to communicate. Harrison Sherloqe Wells went to the computer to see if any names under Nora West Allen. Then the computer voice said that those chapters and pages were classified so the Harrison Sherloqe Wells got very suspicious so then he checked the computer the computer that was decoding the letter he said there has to be a mastermind who can it be?

So this was my story about the Flash see you next week for the next episode.

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