Emily Goodman #2

After school I come home late, so late I have to sneak through the window. If my parents asked me what I had been doing, they would start picking Cam and I up after school again instead of us walking home alone. I climb up the big oak in the front yard and open my window. When I get inside I lay down on my bed to take a nap. Not willing to do my homework, as always. In fact, I am never willing to do my homework. If I do my homework then I will be like Cameron. And if I’m like Cameron then that means I have given in to mom and dad’s demands of us being perfect. Which I’m not.

And I have no friends in school because they think I’m like my brother. Even though I’m not. I’m definitely not. If I had the same style clothing as him I would be wearing skorts and button up shirts like the ‘Straight A’s Schoolgirl’ that my parents want me to be. But no, I wear the exact opposite. Black jeans, a tank top (that has a band name on them that they think I made up), my black beanie, and my red combat boots. And the only friend Cameron has is his girlfriend Beth. And I’m not looking for that so I don’t think there’s a big chance of getting a friend this year.

My parents try to love me, but I know that they don’t. I know that for a fact. They love Cameron, not me.

After my nap, I get up and put my headphones on to listen to some music. I hum to myself while I do a Page of my math homework. Later I do a Paige of my English homework (which took an hour). Then I got bored again so I took another long nap.

As you can see, today I am very tired.

As I fell asleep I heard laughing from the other room. Beth probably came in through the window. I over all like Beth. She’s the only girlfriend my brother has ever had. Except for that one girl in fifth grade, but I don’t think that that counts.

After a while, I get woken up my mom screaming, “Dinner!” Threw the house.


After dinner, I slam my door to my room and then jump onto my bed. I scream into my pillow. I scream and scream and scream until I hear a knock on my door. If that is my mom I swear I will strangle her. I go to the door shaking with anger and my pillow in my hand.

When I open the door I surprisingly find my brother Cameron. “Oh it’s you,” I say going back to my bed and burying myself in my pillows. “What do you want?” I say trying not to make my voice quiver. “Well, mom was going to come up and I knew that wasn’t a good idea so here I am, ” he says spreading his arms.

Cameron and I were close when we were in Elementary School, but then we started to drift apart. He went to middle school and got more homework. I was still in Elementary at that time so we saw less of each other. And now we just sort of don’t really talk that much.

“Look, I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me too…” at that moment a switch flips inside of me. “Really?! You think it’s hard for you?!” I get up from my bed with my pillow glued to my side. “Whoa! Emily! Calm down!” The sides of my vision turn orange. “You are seriously thinking I’m going to calm down right now?! Do you know how hard it was?! With Rikki Martinez bullying me every day?! Tripping me on the bus and singing that song every time she saw me! Em-ily, Em-ily, is not allowed to get a B! You think it was hard being the perfect child to mom and dad?! How hard do you think would it be if you weren’t smart?!” He just stands there staring. “Why are you staring at me like that?” I ask him.

“Emily, you’re on fire.” I look around me and realize two things. It smells like smoke and two, my arms and pillow are on fire. I stomp out the pillow and my arms go out. I sit on my bed criss-cross applesauce, speechless about what just happened. “Em?” asks my brother. “What?” I say without looking at him. “Let’s not tell mom and dad about that okay,” he says.

I nod.

That night I hear a knock on the door. “Come in,” I say rubbing my eyes. Cameron comes in and closes the door quietly. “Did you hear the news?” he says climbing under the covers next to me. I shake my head. “Jason and Victoria got into a car wreck. Nothing happened to Victoria but Jason… oh boy! His arms legs are broken. Isn’t that crazy?!” he says happily. “Sorry, I know it’s horrible. I shouldn’t be this excited about one of my classmates getting hurt…”

“Don’t worry about it Cam. I’m not mom and dad. You can say anything you want around me,” I say smiling and resting my head on his shoulder. He smiles and pulls out his phone from his pocket.

“Someone posted a picture of the crash. Look at the car,” he turns on the screen and hands it to me. When I look at the smushed car, a chill runs through my body. The car looks perfectly fine on the back and the sides and on the inside. The only part of the blue sports car that is noticeable is the enormous dent in the front of the car, making it so the entire part beyond the windshield is pounded straight. The windows have a long crack in them that looks like a thunder strike, and the side mirrors were pushed into the car door. This must have been one weird accident.

“Isn’t that weird? The road is totally clear of anything solid, yet the entire front of the car is completely demolished,” he shakes his head in fascination. All of a sudden, his back straightens as he sits up. “Let’s go see him at the hospital,” he says to me. I laugh, “You, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, chooses to sneak out at one o’clock at night?”

“Yeah! Come on, let’s go! I’ll meet you on the roof in five minutes Babyface,” he throws of the sheets and runs out of the room as quietly as possible.

Those were our nicknames by the way. I call him Goody Two – Shoes because he is, well, a goody two – shoes. And he calls me Babyface because when we were little he would always call me a baby (which I did not like by the way). But the important thing is, is that he called me Babyface. He called me baby face for the first time in three years. And I called him Goody Two Shoes for the first time in three years. I laugh out loud and snuggle in between my pillows. I forget all about how angry I am at my parents, or how I somehow set myself on fire. I forget about Jason Parks and everything else for just one second. And realize that there is someone who loves me in this world, my brother. My brother loves me, and I am happy.